"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Heading Out on Vacation

It's been a hellish week so far. That sadistic fellow named Murphy has been hanging out at my house, making it hard to get ready for our trip. Case in point:

On Wednesday evening Sweet Hubby was getting the trailer ready to go. One of those things was to fill the water tank. Just as it reached full capacity there was a loud crack and it fell out of the bottom of the trailer. Poor Sweet Hubby nearly had a heart attack.

Remember the days when $17 Grand actually bought quality? Anyway, Sweet Hubby called his brother for help. Dan rushed right over.

Upon investigation they found there were 3 small metal brackets on the tank with the screws in them, and holes drilled for those screws, but no one actually screwed the whole thing together. So this tank has been held up all this time by a very thin piece of plywood. It's a 42 gallon tank. When it's full it weighs about 700 pounds. I'm so glad it didn't fall out while we were on the road.

Sweet Hubby and Dan worked until just after midnight repairing it. They put 3 extra brackets on it so there are now 6-all properly screwed in place. It works, it doesn't leak. I'm happy. They are both still wary though. They don't think 6 brackets are enough and the wiring got ripped out so the fill sensor doesn't work (we won't be able to tell how full it is until it's empty), so we're taking a box of tools with us and when we get to Yellowstone they are going to do a bit more reinforcement work.

Then there's the DVR. After I carefully programmed the shows to be recorded that we'll be missing, it crashed and burned. No recording for us. Sigh. I can live with that. I mean, until a couple years ago we didn't have DVR so no big deal, but what a pain in the butt! We'll have to deal with getting it replaced when we get back.

And Murphy just keeps piling up the crap like that. We've gotta get outta here so we can get away from him!

I have packed much knitting. I'm not taking any beading. Just don't want to mess with it now, so the donut will have to wait until I get back. My Nook is fully loaded with books to read, my camera card is empty, someone is going to babysit the house and my cats, and I'm ready to get out of here. I'll check in once in awhile as we go along.

Until then, have a good one.


Hitting the Floor Running

Busy busy busy! My goodness, we're leaving on our vacation in 3 days. So much to do!

WWKIP day was wonderful. Had a nice group of people show up. The weather was absolutely perfect. Sunshine, blue sky, and a nice gentle breeze. Temp was in the low to mid 70's. I had a great time and got about 6 inches of the Navy Textured pullover front done. I took a few pics, but don't have the time to download them and all that. Perhaps later this week.

I am having computer problems. My sweet hubby spent last Sunday morning trying to fix it for me. I have something that is redirecting all my Google searches to lame ad web pages. He got rid of it for me, but as soon as I started using Google again to search for things it came back. So now I don't know what to do. It makes it impossible for me to search for things. It also slows down my computer. I've run 2 different virus/spyware search tools and they haven't found anything. It's very frustrating. Perhaps I should email Google tech support or something.

Over the weekend, besides the WWKIP and computer probs, we had other things going on. Saturday afternoon (rushed home from WWKIP day) was a graduation party for our nephew, Tyler. Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday he was hanging on my kneecaps.

On Sunday sweet hubby and I spent our time in preparation for the trip. He worked on getting our sprinkler system working, installed our new Solar 12-volt Battery Recharger to our trailer, and gathered assorted items for packing.

Coleman Camping Coffee MakerI went shopping for the trip. I took Ruth into Coeur d'Alene to find a new swimming suit, socks, and stuff like that, picked up some camping gear we needed, and whatnot. I bought a Coleman Coffee Maker so we can have good coffee. I've been using the percolator pot, and can make good coffee with it, but no matter how hard I try, there's always grounds in it, and it takes quite awhile to make. This coffee maker works like your typical drip maker, but works on a gas camping stove.

I'm making lists now to keep track of everything because I've come to the point where the brain is randomly tossing things out at random.

Yesterday I had lunch with the Tuesday Gals at Bardenays. I had one of the best French Dips ever, and had a good time chatting with my friends.

After lunch I went to see my new doctor. A follow up appointment regarding the gimpy leg and the meds I take. I asked him about walking-how much is too much, and whatnot. He recommends not more than an hour at a time, with at least one break in that hour putting the leg up. I'm concerned because if I'm on my feet for more than 20 minutes or so it starts swelling up and eventually hurts like heck. We've got hikes planned and whatnot. So, I guess I'll be cutting back some on those plans. Other than that, the news was good. I'm still alive and kicking. After getting home I thoroughly cleaned the inside of the trailer.

Today I have Rathdrum Knitalong, and a trip to the post office to put in a mail-hold-request. Then I start packing. Fun fun!

Somewhere in all that I am actually getting knitting AND beading done. I need it for the stress release. I'm not sleeping very well and starting to feel anxious with trip day looming so close. It's excitement anxiety, but it still has the same effect as the bad kind of anxiety does on me.

The Parkarosa Bird Buffet is being visited by a wild turkey this week. This morning, when sweet hubby got up, she was perched on the side of the bird bath having a drink. She's been eating the seed dropped on the ground by the other birds, and even taking the occasional nap under the tree. We've been trying to get pics of her but she is extremely shy. I'm wondering if she has a nest nearby or something? I sure hope not because if Lindy finds it, it won't be pretty.

Well, I've gotta get busy. Have a great day!


Happy World Wide Knit in Public Day!

June 12, 2010

Where: Ramsey Park, Coeur D'alene.

In the 3500 block of Ramsey Road, north of I-90, next to the Kroc Center. Meet in the picnic area. I'll have a sign set up so you can find us.

When: 10am to 1ish

Bring: A chair, sunscreen, and your knitting or crochet. We don't discriminate.

Back Up Plan: We commandeer one of the covered picnic areas.

Sponsored by  Linda Jo Park

World Wide Knit in Public Day was created by Danielle Landes in 2005.
To find out more about WWKiP Day visit wwkipday.com


Red and White Slider

I started this necklace a few weeks ago, then it got put on the back burner of my mind. Yesterday, instead of knitting (oh, the horror!) I really wanted to do some beading. I spent my free time finishing this necklace.

Click on pics to embiggen.

 I've used 10mm glass pearls in white, size 8 seed beads in silver lined red and silver lined light topaz, and 4mm fire-polish crystals in red and White A/B.

I found the pattern on a Korean web site. I've adjusted it a bit to fit the beads that were in my stash. (The pattern is free. The site sells bead kits for the patterns.) Yes, the pattern is in Korean, but I was able to figure it out using the graphic charts and Google Translator.

Here is a close up of the slider. It's done in Right Angle Weave.

My only problem is it wants to slide down when I'm wearing it. I haven't quite figured out how to make it stay in place and still be able to move it when I want.

The ends of the fringe were fun to make. Right Angle Weave boxes sitting on top of the pearls, which are attached to the strands with clam shells.

After dinner I still felt like beading. So I started something new.

I have no idea what that donut is made of. Some kind of stone. The center area is beaded with size 15's in peyote. There's an identical star on the back too. It's not done yet.

The 'challenge' for June in my Yahoo beading group is Cabochons. I'm using a donut, but applying a bezel to it. It will look pretty cool, I think, when I get it done. I wish I could find my Goldstone donut though. I would rather have used it instead of this one.

Have a good day.


Big Skein

I got some knitting done yesterday. I worked on the Navy Textured pullover most of the time I had for knitting and got 6 inches done. In the evening, though, I took a break to work on something using this huge skein of Rainbow Boucle I got from Knitwits that I mentioned the other day.

I've decided to make a lacy shrug with it  using a really simple stitch pattern because with the texture nothing else will show. I'm even using size 15 needles. It feels kind of weird too. It's been awhile since I've done a truly big needle knit. I don't like working with this yarn so, thankfully, the project will knit up quickly.

It rained all day, and it's supposed to rain all day today too. Starting to wonder if we should bet the Kayaks out of the storage shed. However, dry warm weather is headed this way just in time for World Wide Knit in Public Day. Hurray! It's supposed to be perfect 72 degrees on Saturday.

Have a great day.


Simple Womans Daybook for June 8, 2010


June 8, 2010

Outside my window...
A bright light in the sky. It's my understanding that some folks call it the sun.

I am thinking...
about a myth that so many people believe. That myth is that men have one less rib than women. This idea started because of the biblical Adam and Eve story of how Eve was created from one of Adams ribs . Actually, men and women have the same number of ribs. I find it amazing that so many Christians insist on believing a myth that is so easily disproved.

I am thankful for...
Facebook. I can keep in touch with my friends and family on a daily basis. Imagine having a chat session with 3 or 4 of my friends from home. When I was young, that wasn't possible. Remember when long distance phone calls cost a fortune? And 9 times out of 10 the connection was full of static and hard to hear? And to share pictures with each other you had to have them printed on paper, then send them in an envelope, and wait for several days for your friends to receive them? I do.

From the kitchen...
Ants. Not as bad as they were at the beginning of spring, but there just the same. We're on our third infestation. First it was the great big black carpenter ants. Then it was the smaller regular black ants. Now it's itty bitty little black ants (sugar ants?). Their days are numbered, thanks to Grants Ant Stakes.

I am wearing...
The usual jammies and purple fuzzy robe. I need to get my act together and get dressed. Jeans and some sort of pretty top I suspect.

I am creating... 
A Treasury of Knitting Patternsthe front for the Navy Blue pullover. I've got the ribbing done and am now well into the first repeat of the basket weave stitch.

I am going...
to the library today. I have Rathdrum Knitalong this afternoon. I'm taking the Navy Blue textured pullover to work on, and I'm taking my Barbara G. Walker collection of stitch treasuries. Some of the members asked me to bring them because they don't know what a stitch dictionary is and wanted to see them. After the meeting I need to go forage for food at the local food dispensary.

I am reading...
The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails. It's been incredibly interesting. One of the things I've found fascinating is how much of the 'history' that is in the bible actually has never happened-like Noah's flood, the Isrealites leaving Egypt and wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, the walls of Jericho coming down, etc. There's absolutely no evidence for most of it occurring. Wow!

I am hoping...

the weather will be nice on Saturday. I'd hate to have our World Wide Knit in Public Day rained on.

I am hearing...

Whoopie Goldberg. The View is on the tv. I need to change the channel.

Around the house...

Yarn, all over the place. How did that happen?

One of my favorite things...
Coffee. I drink decaf, so it's not the caffeine. There's just something comforting about starting my day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, with a bit of sugar in it.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
It's a busy one. I have Rathdrum Knitalong group today, CDA Yarnies tomorrow morning, getting my hair cut in the afternoon. On Thursday I'm meeting with the young lady who will be babysitting our house while we're on our road trip. (No knitting class. The shop will be closed.) Friday we're planning to have a girls movie date. We want to see hunky bare chested guys in leather skirts (Prince of Persia).

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

 I'm glad it doesn't look like this out front.

Have a great day.

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Judy Monkey 1 Done

I finished and blocked the first Judy Monkey sock. It turned out so pretty.

I haven't cast on the second sock yet because I want to work on the Navy Blue pullover for awhile. I'm thinking I want to take Judy Monkey sock 2 along on our vacation too.

Sensations Rainbow Boucle - Berry PrintI also need to start another project for Knitwits. I brought home this HUGE HUGE skein of purple variegated Rainbow Boucle' yarn that was donated to the group (Actually, a huge pile of it was donated. I was lucky to get one skein of it with the feeding frenzy it caused. Ha!)

Anyway, I cast on for another of the Vintage shrug but I didn't like how it worked with this yarn. Too much texture in the yarn to show the pattern, so I'm going to find something much simpler.

Yesterday it rained and rained. I've given up on having a veggie garden this year. Some of my friends went ahead and replanted after the freeze and their seeds are drowning instead of sprouting. On Friday we got 1 1/3 inches of rain here at the Parkarosa, in one day. That's a lot of rain. I was going to go ahead and plant the seeds anyway, but the soil is so muddy it was impossible to work with.

So, instead of planting, I let Sweet Hubby teach me how to drive with the trailer attached to the back of the pickup. He is a little nervous about how much driving he's going to be doing on our road trip. So I'm going to give him the occasional breather-though I've made it very clear I will not be doing any backing up. Forward movement only, for me. I can't believe we're leaving in less than 2 weeks. So much to do!

Have a great day.


World Wide Knit in Public Day 2010

Well, we're cuttin' it kind of close, but we finally got the Coeur d'Alene World Wide Knit in Public Day organized. It will be held on Saturday, June 12, 10am to whenever (I'll be leaving at 1pm) at the Ramsey Park which is in the 3500 block of Ramsey Road north of the freeway, next to the Croc Center. We'll be in the picnic area. Bring a chair, a project to work on, sack lunch, beverage, and possibly you'll need sunscreen. We welcome crocheters and spinners to this event too.

Yesterday was a really busy one for me. But I got a lot done. I had 2 students show up for my knitting class. I really enjoyed them both too. I had to go into Spokane Valley to return one of the DVD's I bought at Best Buy last week because I accidentally forgot to make sure it was wide screen (it wasn't). I traded it and some cash in on a car charger for my Nook. I need it for our road trip.

I managed to get a significant amount done on the first Judy Monkey sock.

It is raining again today. We did have sunshine yesterday, so I guess I shouldn't complain, but when it rains, it really rains. Some of my friends replanted their tomato plants lost in the freeze we had a couple weeks ago only to have them drown this week. Rumor has it that we have drier days in our future.

Yesterday afternoon, since it was dry out, I took advantage of it and replanted the 40 marigolds I lost in the big freeze in the flower boxes on the deck. Since my boxes have good drains, I'm not worried about them drowning. I didn't get any tomato plants. I've given up on that for the year. I got some more dahlias instead.

For those who are interested, I will not be doing any more knitting classes until after I get back from our road trip. I've scheduled July 15th for the next class. I'm not leaving until June 18th but the shop is going to be closed next week.

Now for some birds. I now have 7 pairs of Evening Grosbeaks devouring everything that isn't nailed down in the Parkarosa Bird Buffet. They are also getting used to me, so it's easier to take pictures.

Here's a female. See her blue beak? They shed the skin off their beaks in the spring so they are blue like that. Eventually they will turn to the usual yellow color.

Here is a male.

His underparts are such a bright yellow!

Have a great day.


What a Weekend

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Mine was wet. It rained the whole weekend. It was also busy.

On Saturday evening was the annual family barbecue. We had it at Dan and Sue's. About half the family was able to come. As usual, we had too much food. I took a jello salad, and my daughter made a Pumpkin Pie. Everything was very tasty and we had fun catching up with each other on what's been happening in our lives.

Sunday I worked on the Knitwits vest. I got all the bands knitted. I tried sewing it together but I was making a mess of it, so I put it aside for a time. And the rain fell.

Monday Ruth and I cleaned house for dinner guests, and I cooked. I made a cheesecake, and Waldorf salad, amongst other things. Those of us going on our road trip to Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore got together for a planning meeting to make sure we are all on the same page as to where we're going and how we're getting there. We also planned meals for the first half of the trip so we know what to stock our coolers and fridges with. I'm getting pretty excited about the trip now. Can't believe it's less than 3 weeks away.

I was going to take my laptop with me and blog along the way, but I have changed my mind. Power is a problem for my laptop. The battery lasts 1.5 hours at the most. How do I recharge it? Most of the campgrounds we're staying at don't have power. It's gonna be hard enough getting my Nook charged. Sweet Hubby is taking his laptop. His battery lasts longer. I'll borrow his if I feel the need to blog.

This morning I sewed up the Knitwits vest. It is done.

Yes, it looks a little different than the pic in the pattern. I did not like the rolled edging on the bands. They looked so tacky. So I changed them. I used the bottom welt pattern. I think it looks very classy now.

I have Rathdrum Knitalong today. I think I'll take the Monkey Sock with me.

Have a great day.