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Heading Out on Vacation

It's been a hellish week so far. That sadistic fellow named Murphy has been hanging out at my house, making it hard to get ready for our trip. Case in point:

On Wednesday evening Sweet Hubby was getting the trailer ready to go. One of those things was to fill the water tank. Just as it reached full capacity there was a loud crack and it fell out of the bottom of the trailer. Poor Sweet Hubby nearly had a heart attack.

Remember the days when $17 Grand actually bought quality? Anyway, Sweet Hubby called his brother for help. Dan rushed right over.

Upon investigation they found there were 3 small metal brackets on the tank with the screws in them, and holes drilled for those screws, but no one actually screwed the whole thing together. So this tank has been held up all this time by a very thin piece of plywood. It's a 42 gallon tank. When it's full it weighs about 700 pounds. I'm so glad it didn't fall out while we were on the road.

Sweet Hubby and Dan worked until just after midnight repairing it. They put 3 extra brackets on it so there are now 6-all properly screwed in place. It works, it doesn't leak. I'm happy. They are both still wary though. They don't think 6 brackets are enough and the wiring got ripped out so the fill sensor doesn't work (we won't be able to tell how full it is until it's empty), so we're taking a box of tools with us and when we get to Yellowstone they are going to do a bit more reinforcement work.

Then there's the DVR. After I carefully programmed the shows to be recorded that we'll be missing, it crashed and burned. No recording for us. Sigh. I can live with that. I mean, until a couple years ago we didn't have DVR so no big deal, but what a pain in the butt! We'll have to deal with getting it replaced when we get back.

And Murphy just keeps piling up the crap like that. We've gotta get outta here so we can get away from him!

I have packed much knitting. I'm not taking any beading. Just don't want to mess with it now, so the donut will have to wait until I get back. My Nook is fully loaded with books to read, my camera card is empty, someone is going to babysit the house and my cats, and I'm ready to get out of here. I'll check in once in awhile as we go along.

Until then, have a good one.

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  1. Have a wonderful vacation! Yellowstone is one of our favorite places to go. I am very jealous.

    With any luck, Murphy will stay behind and allow you to enjoy your trip.