"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman



Knitting update: I got another repeat done on the mystery sock. Also got a LOT done on the baby aran sweater. I'm about an inch above the armhole shaping on the back. The yellow color sure is bright though. I may have to start wearing my sunglasses while I'm working on it. I am so glad I changed to this pattern. Everything is working up to gauge perfectly, though I had to use size 6 needles instead of the requested size 9. I have NEVER used size 9 needles on this pattern. It's always been size 5 or 6 for me, and I'm not a tight knitter. The original designer must have been an incredibly tight knitter (probably could have used a bit of rum in her life-ha ha!).

It rained yesterday. We've had such a long hot summer that it was a joy to go outside and stand in it. Not a hard rain. A nice gentle steady rain that went on all day long and soaked things good. It was 57 degrees all day too-though it didn't feel cold. It felt really good. I enjoyed it immensely.

Sweet hubby and I spent the day together shopping and stuff. We went to the J.C. Penney store in the Spokane Valley Mall because they were having an awesome clearance sale on all the summer clothing. If we need summer clothes for the cruise, we gotta get them now cos in a couple more weeks there won't be any in the stores. For sweet hubby we found 3 pairs of very nice shorts-cotton, with zippers and pockets, and belt loops (not the yucky nylon sport shorts he usually wears)- for a price total less than it would have been to buy just one of them at regular price. I got an actual rush and little high from the whole experience. Finding clothes to fit him is rather difficult because he's a big guy (6'5", about 290 lbs). Finding them on sale at that good of a discount? Priceless!

Then we wandered around the mall. Well, I just had to stop in C.J. Banks. It's my most favorite store for clothes. I found 2 very pretty twill shorts, an awesome tank blouse in jewel tones, a purple shirt with little bird houses embroidered on the top, and a rusty sort of orange shirt with fall leaves embroidered in sequins. That last one sounds really gaudy, but it isn't. Just 3 small tasteful leaves on the chest. Really pretty.

We'd just about seen enough of the mall, so I called Sarah and Frank to see if they wanted to go see 'The Bourne Ultimatum' with us. Turned out they were in Spokane too, shopping for model train supplies. So we met at the Red Robin for dinner. Then Sweet Hubby and I went to the movie, and the kids went home. They weren't interested in a movie. They had fresh hot model train treasures they'd just bought waiting to be installed in the little village and they wanted to go home and play. I can certainly understand that.

Have a great day!

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