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Know Anyone With a Moose Tag?

Okay, I've had ENOUGH! They have gone TOO FAR this time! I have waited all summer for my Star Lilies to bloom. I've had these bulbs for 14 years and this year they were just loaded--LOADED I tell you--with buds. They started opening a couple days ago. I went out yesterday morning to cut them and bring them in so my house would be filled with their heady tropical scent.

What?!! Where are they? The stems are still there, but the flowers are GONE! Every single one of them! Two large moose prints are in the beauty bark in front of my naked stems.

Is there anyone living near me who has got themselves a moose tag? If so--please CONTACT me!

How come there's never a gun around when you need one?

Have a nice day--except the moose who ate my lilies. I hope YOU get a great big belly ache!


  1. I am so sorry to head about the 'dead heads'. I know it's not even close, but sometimes I leave out my favorite candy-red licorice-and Cabot eats it all.

  2. Ya but mooses are kinda cool, don't ya think? Think how lucky you are to live where you can see them. Most of us don't get the chance.

  3. I understand most people don't get to have moose in their yard. However, too many moose-which is the situation we are dealing with here--is very very dangerous. Moose are afraid of nothing, and won't hesitate to stomp a person to death should they take a liking to the idea. We find ourselves having to check out all the windows before we can go outside, or let the dogs out to pee. We feel like we've been invaded, and unsafe in our own home. So, no, I don't feel lucky. A moose once in a great while--like it used to be a few years ago, yes. I felt lucky. But now I feel scared.