"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Surfing Around

Don't have much going on. Worked some on my mystery sock. Got 2 pattern repeats in the leg done. 2 more to go and I'll be caught up for clue 3.

I've decided to hand wind my lace yarn. I really don't want to divide it into 2 separate balls. This will take some time, so I will put on one of my favorite DVD's when I do it.

No moose sightings in the last 24 hours, but we know they've been here. There are branches and leaves missing on my Japanese Willow.

The air is thick with smoke this week. I'm not sure where it is all coming from. I know there's a big fire down south, near Lewiston, and a couple smaller fires north of us (less than 200 acres each). It has to be the latter cos the wind is coming from that direction. I've had 2 small asthma attacks and my eyes and nose are itching me into insanity. At least they won't be burning the grass fields this year.

This morning I decided to sit out on the deck and knit while I drank my coffee. I opened the big umbrella over the table and there were 3--thats THREE yellow jacket nests under construction. I finished off the can of wasp spray. I have been stung enough this summer.

While surfing the web, I've come across some things I have found interesting and/or amusing. Click on the bold underlined stuff to see them.

First is what I call "The Sock": a blogpost on YoYo Knits about some adventures of a small sock that was knit by her very cute husband. It's quite humorous.

A tutorial on the Twisted German Cast on: I've heard of this cast on before, and one of my employees even showed me how to do it once, but I forgot. It's supposed to be very good for socks because it's so elastic. I decided to try it on my mystery socks. I love it. It will be my cast on of choice for all socks in the future.

Ever wondered what happened to all those old beige office phones of the past? I've found the answer.: if you are a fiberholic like most knitters, spinners, and crocheters are, you will LOVE this sculptural artwork.

I call this "Someone Has Way Too Much Free Time": Actually, my oldest told me about this site. They have knit a GIANT pink wool bunny. I'm talking HUMUNGOUS!!! You can practically see it from space. Even with several knitters working on this project it still took 3 years to make. It's 'artwork' in Italy somewhere. My question is "Where in the heck did they get that much pink wool in all one dyelot??????"

Then there's the "Bad Sweater Project" : a fellow was given 25 sweaters by a friend who was cleaning out the closet. The captions for each sweater are pretty funny. Unfortunately, I actually found a couple of the sweaters rather pretty. What does that say about me???

I found a Blog that is so funny I couldn't stop reading it for 3 hours straight yesterday (and I was supposed to get some housework done-sigh). Behind the Counter : it's written by a gal who works in the customer service department at a Walmart in Florida. I was SO able to relate to her experiences with customers, having had some of the same things happen at my shop. You start wondering is the world really that full of stupid people??? The sad answer is---yes.

Last but not least, I've entered a blog contest. If I post a link on my blog to it, my name gets entered again. So in the interest of self interest, here's the link: Golden Purl contest.

Have a great day.

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