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I have a WIP update. I've been putting most of my crafting energy and time into Hummdog. I can't believe how many hours I've gone through on this background so far.

It's looking good though. I am about halfway done.

In knitting, I've been perfecting my doll hat pattern. I've made two black hats. Here's one of them.

I sewed a band of lace that has pearl beads on it. I think it turned out so cute.

The other hat is the same, except no embellishment. Just plain.

Most of my time went into creating an Etsy store for my doll clothes. After hours of work, Wool in the Wilde is now open for business. Now the hard part, getting the right people to visit it. Here is one of the outfits I've got available in it.

We had a beautiful weekend weather-wise. Especially on Sunday. It was sunny and in the 50's. I planted Orange and Purple Violas in the deck boxes.

Sweet Hubby even got out the lawn mower and gave the yard it's first haircut for the year.

Looked fantastic! Then yesterday, which was the next morning, I got up and it looked like this.

It snowed all day long. We got almost 3 inches. It was kind of depressing.

The birch tree was really pretty covered in fresh snow though.

Today, it looks like this.

You'd never know it snowed. The Violas came through it all just fine too. The cold didn't seem to bother than. Spring in north Idaho. Never a dull moment.

Here's a fun pic for you. Moose butt!

Over the weekend we had visitors. A pair of young moose wandered by munching on shrubs as they went. I got pics of just one butt. Couldn't get anything else.They were very shy with me around. Eventually they ran off.

Because of the snow, I filled the bird feeders on Monday. A Red Crossbill took advantage of the opportunity.

Another busy week bites the dust. On to the next one!

Live long and prosper. \\//


Blocking a Knit Hat

Frequently I receive emails from folks asking me how I block hats. Well, here's the answer.

First I put a towel on my ironing board. Then I put the hat over a form and steam the top.

Here's my form-a stainless steel mixing bowl.

Sweet Hubby and I were given a set of these as a wedding gift yea these many moons ago. There are three different sizes. The largest one just happens to have the perfect circumference for blocking adult size hats-22 inches. The medium sized one is great for children and baby hats.

After steaming, the top looks pretty good.

To block the bottom half, I lay it flat and steam it like this. I make sure I don't put creases on the sides, and rotate it around.

I typically push and pat here and there with my fingers to get what I want. In this case, I was working on straightening the Latvian braids and making sure the fairisle section was the same height all the way around. I don't usually steam the ribbing because it will destroy the elasticity, though I will do just about anything to stretch it out so I can get the middle of the hat blocked properly. Usually I put a piece of cardboard the proper width just inside the hat. But in this case I didn't need to do that because the ribbing was wide enough already. I steamed the corrugated ribbing to even it out a bit. It doesn't have the same elasticity that regular ribbing does, so I didn't worry about it.

One other thing I did on this hat is block the tassel. It was pretty kinked.

I laid it out on the towel and carefully steamed it straight. I used a metal tapestry needle to 'comb' it out as I steamed.

That's all there is to it. It's not difficult.

Live long and prosper. \\//


FO - Hat

My BFF mentioned on Facebook that she really liked a certain hat pattern. So I made her one. The hat, that is. Not the pattern.

Hat for Judy

Pattern: Polarized Hat by Tanis Gray

Yarn: Berroco Vintage
Content: 50% Acrylic/40% Wool/10% Nylon
Color: 5180 Dried Plum
Yarn: Plymouth Encor
Content: 75% Acrylic/25% Woo;
Color: White

Needles: Size 9

Cast on: March 16, 2015
Completed: March 19, 2015

Comments: This was a really fun knit! The pattern is well written. It would be perfect for teaching fairisle.

She loves it.

Stolen from her Facebook page

Mission accomplished.

Live long and prosper. \\//


Yarn Stash Enhancement

Some yarn I ordered arrived Saturday. Can you guess the colorway name?

Here's a hint. In memory of Leonard Nimoy.

It's self striping sock yarn. She packaged it so you can knit matching socks.

I love the colors. I got it from Turtlepurl Yarns on Etsy. Don't diddle around if you want some. It's limited edition.

Live long and prosper. \\//


Meet Joey

When my father died I gave some of his shirts to my sister, Liane, because she offered to make me a memory bear with them. She has a successful business making memory bears from peoples old fur coats and other clothing, and christening gowns from wedding dresses.

A few month ago this little guy showed up. I call him Joey, after my Dad. The pin on his chest is a pic of my Dad in his younger days.

Joey is fabulous. He looks so much like my dad. I cried when he arrived. He even smelled like Daddy. So why has it taken me so long to blog about him?

Well, tragedy struck shortly after Joey's arrival. He was put on top of the piano to keep him away from Cable because she thinks all stuffed toys are for her. When I was not in the room, one of the cats (we suspect Cashmere because we've witnessed him doing this before) knocked Joey off the piano so Cable could have him. Cable then took him outside and chewed on his head. She pulled the orange fluff off and broke the nose. He was also wet and a bit muddy because it was still snowy out at that time. You can't imagine how upset I was when I discovered him. There was no way I could blog about him in that condition. I set him aside in a safe place for awhile, kind of unable to face the situation. I didn't even tell my sister what happened.

About a month ago I finally found the heart to repair him. I surfaced washed him to get the mud and dried dog spit off. I found a source online from whom I bought a replacement nose and ordered it. It arrived last week. Today I opened one of his seams to remove the old nose, installed the new nose, and carefully hand sewed up the seam. Good as new! Turned out to be a whole lot easier then I expected.

The hair was a bit harder. I couldn't find that orange fluff anywhere around here, nor online. I did find some orange fur at Joann's, and even bought some. But it just isn't the same as the original hair. Fortunately I had saved all the bits Cable chewed off. So I carefully washed each bit of fluff, then brushed it out to fluff it back up. Today I glued the fluff back on to Joey. I really didn't think it was going to work, but it did. Joey is back to looking like his original self. No one could even tell he'd been damaged. I feel much better about it now.

Joey is awesome! Thank you so much to my sister, Liane Wagner, for making him for me.

Please take a moment and visit my sisters web site, Fairy Godmother Creations. Maybe you could honor a loved one you've lost by having her make you a memory bear?

Live long and prosper. \\//


Cross Stitch WIPs

The replacement pattern for Hummingbirds and Dogwood by Sue Coleman finally arrived this week. Before that, though, I decided to start something new to keep up the enthusiasm so I wouldn't abandon it all while waiting. I'm not going to say what the pattern is. Just watch it develop over the next several months and see if you'll be able to guess.

 I found this on someones blog completely by accident and fell in love with it. I admit I've made some modifications. I've actually combined two of this persons patterns together. I'm looking forward to when it's finished.

I've made some new progress on HumDog.

The background is all one color, one strand, half stitches, and there's a LOT of it. I also need to do the outline back stitching. Waiting until the background is done will motivate me. I love doing the back stitching.

We've had a rainy week. We needed it though. The crocuses in the yard are blooming. There are even some blooming in places I never planted them! The seeds on the plants from last year must have blown around.

I've been having computer frustrations this week. The problem I had last January that I got fixed on my birthday has come back. I'm getting "Windows is not Genuine" messages. In frustration I contacted Microsoft via their web chat service. I was told my verification key has been disabled and blocked. When I asked why, the answer was because certain hardware numbers didn't match my registration. I explained that Sweet Hubby put in a bigger hard drive and upgraded the memory, but the computer is still the same one I've been using for five years.

They told me there is nothing they can do. I have to buy Windows 8.1 to get everything 'genuine' again. Here's the problem. First, my laptop is not Windows 8 compatible. So that ends that right there. But even if it were compatible, Microsoft's web site won't let me buy it. I have to have a genuine copy of Windows 7 (or lower) on my machine and since they've rendered mine blocked, it won't let me buy anything. I am very PISSED, to say the least. We spent a LOT of money on that hard drive and ram. If I'd known this was gonna happen, we wouldn't have done it.

I'm debating whether to call them up and escalate up to a supervisor, if possible, until I get satisfaction. I would think if they can un-validate my Windows key, they should be able to re-validate it, shouldn't they? Or I might just go ahead and use it as is. It's annoying to deal with the pop-ups that keep popping up telling me my Windows is not genuine (AAAAAAARRRGGHH!!!!). I've turned off as many as I can, but I can't get rid of all of them. I also miss having pictures on my desktop. All I get now is a solid black background. Sigh. I also can't download any MS updates. But my office program is so old it probably doesn't matter any more.

I feel like I've been royally ripped off. I have a genuine copy of Windows 7 running on the original machine it was installed on and they've screwed me over because we upgraded some hardware. Sigh.

There's a new doll in my future. Tonner Dolls released a pic of their new male doll for the Ellowyne Wilde line that is coming out later this year. His name is Penn.

I adore him! He's cute as a button. I love the inset blue eyes and the brown hair. So much nicer than Rufus. I am so excited! I am saving up my class money so I can purchase him. I am thinking of making him a Star Trek uniform. Perhaps the Red Shirt one. I need to find out what body style he has. I'm hoping it's the same one Rufus has.

I've been feeling domestic today. I actually made, from scratch, a Banana Cream pie with Meringue topping. I haven't done that in ages. Years, actually. It's a lot of work making a cream pie from scratch. It came out beautiful and if it tastes half as good as it looks, it will be awesome.

I attribute the perfection of this pie to a very happy cook. I discovered Pandora is on our Roku so I was able to listen to my Star Trek Movie Soundtrack channel while working. It's AWESOME!

Live long and prosper. \\//

Something To Really Celebrate

Happy Spring! YAAAAAAAAAY!

Nuff said.

Live long and prosper. \\//