"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


About Pink Houndstooth Check

For the last couple months I've kind of been obsessed with pink Houndstooth Check. It started when I ordered some baby themed fleece (from Fabric.com) for making layette sets for KnitWits. This fabric is so much cuter in real life than it is in the online picture.

I was all ready to do something fairly simple for the cardigan when I got the idea of doing it with Houndstooth check to match the background of the fabric. I googled and found this chart. It was perfect!

The rest is history. I have finished the cardigan and hat, more or less, plus the set I posted about in June,

and I'm working on the booties now.

I've got the blanket fabric all ready for it's edging. I should have this set done before the weekend is over.

As for the necklace in yesterday's post, I was browsing through the pattern files in the Peyote With A Twist group and ran across one named Houndstooth. I have a recently purchased pink t-shirt that needs a necklace. Well, I had to make that pattern.

I'm coming to the end of all things Houndstooth this weekend. I wonder what will grab my fancy next?

I have been working on the set for my nephews soon coming baby boy. I've finished one sleeve and started the second.

When I'm done with the layette, I'll focus on this one much more. Gotta get it done. September is coming quickly.

We're having nice weather right now. Unseasonably cool for July. Haven't had more than one or two days near 90F. It's usually much hotter, but I am truly enjoying the lower temperatures. We've been in the mid 70-80's.

I managed to sprain my back last Monday. It scared me. I bent over with a pair of scissors in my hand and felt a horrible 'pop' in my lower back, right where I had my back surgery. Agonizing pain shot through me, and I couldn't even straighten up. However, with the ice pack, resting with my feet up, and some Tylenol, I've been babying it and it's much better now. Hardly any pain at all. Just enough to remind me to not overdo things until it's fully healed. I'm so relieved. I was worried I'd really racked myself up and would need another surgery. False alarm!

Well, I should go out and work on my project. I have a concrete bird bath that developed some cracks in it during the winter. I'm filling in the cracks with some concrete repair goop. I'm planning to paint it grey afterwards because the repair stuff is a different shade of grey than the bird bath. I want it to look good cuz I'm giving it to a friend. I don't want it any more. So, off to the garage I go.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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  1. Oh, Linda Jo! Both projects are absolutely stunning!