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Tiny Black Tornado

Life with a puppy is very busy. The first few days Zoey was pretty quiet and fairly easy to manage.

She slept a good part of the days.

I was even led to believe she was near potty trained because she hadn't gone in the house, and was whining at the door to go out when needed.

Ha! She had me so fooled. Yesterday was almost a nightmare. She turned into a little black tornado. It was like someone had given her a super dose of caffeine and it lasted pretty much all. day. long. I left her for a minute and came back to this.

Zoey was here!
She was into everything! And jumping on all the furniture! As soon as I could clean up one mess, she had made another. I spent most of the day one step behind. I found out she loves to rip apart magazines and books. She actually yanked a magazine I was reading right out of my hands and took off with it. She also pooped 4 times and peed 3 times in the house, despite all the times I took her outside. By the time Sweet Hubby got home I was an exhausted basket case. The whole house was pretty darn clean too.

It didn't help that I'm feeling awful. I have caught some virus going around. Probably a cold. Urg. I skipped Yarnies today, I feel that awful. Thankfully, today she was back to her peaceful self.

I have made an appointment with a fence company. Gotta get a fence built around the yard for Zoey so she can run off some of that puppy energy. Having to be on a leash outside sucks big time.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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