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Saturday morning we went to Petco to meet the lady who fostered the puppies for the Kootenai Humane Society. She had a pen set up full of puppies. Oh my goodness, they were all so cute and precious. It was kind of hard not to take them all home. As it turned out, the lady who had first choice of the girls had changed her mind, so I got first choice. I was immediately attracted to this girl.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Zoey Park,

She is a mutt. They think she's part Australian Shepherd, Doberman, Cattle dog, and maybe Basset Hound, though they didn't know for sure. So her coloring is amazing. She is 14 weeks old. I watched her interacting with the other puppies. It was pretty clear she's not an alpha dog. One of her sisters was alpha. Zoey was quieter, but full of energy and loves to kiss and be kissed.

When I held her the first time she put her head on my shoulder up against my neck for a minute, then started licking me. Ah, that was it for me. Instant love. Look at that face. So sweet!

I took this pic when we were trying on a harness. She was unbelievably cooperative while we did this.

She did incredibly well for her first night here. I put her in a crate that I set up in my bedroom. I put a couple blankets, a toy, and a chewy in it, then her. She whined a little bit at first, but when I turned out the light, she settled right down and went to sleep. She was quiet all night. She didn't pee in the crate either. In fact, she hasn't peed in the house at all, yet. She seems to be starting to catch on to this potty training thing fairly quickly.

Considering all she's been through in her very short life so far, she's doing very well. She's a bit scared. We're giving her time and space to get used to suddenly being without her sisters in a strange place with strange people.

The adventure has begun.

Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. Congratulations! She is a very pretty lady. I shared the puppy pix with Ed. He picked her out of the lineup. �� Like her name also. Love you guys!
    Jan and zEd

  2. She is a beauty! Congratulations on your new fur kid!

  3. She is adorable! Congratulations!!