"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


The 26th Anniversary of My 29th Birthday

Since my last post my birthday has come and gone. It was an interesting day. It began when we awoke to discover that the water pipe to our house was frozen, deep underground. There was a hole right next to it so there must be a leak we were unaware of. Anyway, we had no water. So instead of the wonderful plans I'd had for the day, I ended up spending it babysitting 2 electric heaters pointed at the problem site waiting for things to thaw.

It was especially frustrating because, in order to have the heaters on, we had to shut off all the lights and whatnot because the circuit breaker kept tripping. I could have tv and dish receiver on, OR I could have a light on, and that was it. I chose the tv. There were all kinds of things I could have done, but every one I thought of required water. You know, laundry, cleaning, that sort of thing. I was unable to sit and knit because it was just a little too dark in the house for me to see. (We can thank the cataracts for that.) It was a gorgeous sunny day outside, but it was only 13F degrees.  I spent the day running outside to check on the heaters, and running back in to watch tv, hating the cold and my water pipes. Oh, to be able to flush the toilet.

After a few hours of this I couldn't stand it anymore, donned my swimsuit, and sat in the hot tub for awhile, in the sunshine, while it was only 13F degrees. I enjoyed it immensely. I was getting a dose of vitamin D despite the cold.

Sitting there also gave me the idea that we could flush our toilets. There was water in the hot tub! Hot water at that. After I got out and got dressed, a bucket was obtained. Toilet was flushed. I felt so much better about things.

Sweet Hubby came home from work early. We both wondered if pouring a bucket of hot tub water down the hole might thaw out the frozen pipe. He grabbed the bucket and went out to try. About 15 seconds later, we had running water. HURRAY!!!

Hot tub. I LOVE it!

I got a birthday present from Sweet Hubby. This is a rare occurrence (him getting me a present for my birthday), so I am extremely thrilled. He got me a Grumpy Cat mug.

It seemed especially fitting for that morning. After the water started running, Hubby took me out to dinner for my birthday too. We went to La Cabana in Rathdrum. Mexican food, yum! I had my favorite, enchiladas.

Over the weekend I purchased a new Tonner Doll. Well, new to me. She arrived Monday. This is Prudence Not All Black and White.

She looks different because I've put a red wig on her. The previous owner unglued her hair, which is short and black, so she could put wigs on her. I am all for that. I've been wanting a Pru with inset eyes that is wigged. She will do nicely. Her eyes are brown and this is her original outfit. The girls are happy to have her in the family.

The past few days I've spent more of my knitting time on one of my Ravellenic games projects, the  first of a pair of Mukluks. I got all the way to where the heel starts on Wednesday evening and stopped because I just wasn't happy with it. It was just looking too thin, and I hate the red and navy corrugated rib.

I was gonna frog it and start all over. I even yanked the needles out of it. But then I got to thinking and took it to Yarnies with me for opinions from the group members.

After consulting them, I've decided I am not going to frog it. Instead, I will remove the corrugated rib cuff (it is partially removed already). It is way too tight and has no elasticity. I want that cuff to be stretchy. I'm going to knit regular 1x1 rib in navy blue. I might put a couple stripes of a second color. I definitely don't like the bright red, so I stopped knitting that in after the cuff. The rest of the slipper looks like it will be fine for Susie. (She is a tiny little thing.) So I'll put it back on the needles and will carry on.

I have made a stitch pattern change too. The third chart in the pattern is a lizard (see pic at right). I don't think Susie would like it, but I know she'd like the traditional snowflake. So when I got to that spot, I googled "snow flake chart knitting". There were thousands of them. I picked one that would fit my stitch count and knit away. So much better than a lizard. However, I fear these Mukluks won't look anything like the original pattern when I get done with them.

I finished the neck on my Gansey while at the Yarnies too.

After binding off the last stitch on the neckband, which I decided I wanted 1 inch of 1x1 rib instead of the rolled neckband in the pattern, I had to try it on. I wanted to know if it is going to fit, and if the neckband is going to be comfortable because it's kind of high for my taste. I pulled it over my head over the blouse I was wearing right there at the table in Calypsos. It fits perfectly, and is very comfortable around my neck. Hurray! Now I'm so excited to get it done! The first sleeve will be started later today.

After the frigid birthday, the weather started to warm up. The last couple days it's actually been in the 40's. The snow is melting very fast. We're expecting rain for the next 3 days. It's another Pineapple Express!

Oh yes, almost forgot. Happy Valentines Day!

Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. No water is the worst! I hats that with water or electricity - everything you think to do requires what is not working at the moment. Love the mug and can't wait to see the finished sweater.

  2. Happy belated birthday!

    Very smart thinking about using the hot tub water to thaw your frozen pipes.

    Your Mukluks are coming along beautifully !