"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Weekend Projects

As promised, I'm blogging about what else I was working on over the weekend. It was a cold and very snowy weekend. We got 8 inches of new snow. So I had no desire to go anywhere. I decided to see if I'm recovered enough from the surgery to do some beading. I worked on Luis. Before the surgery I was embellishing the front and back with the swarovski crystals. I actually finished that step, but then discovered I'd managed to slant some of them in the wrong direction. You want all the crystals to slant the same direction. So over the weekend  I did a little frogging and fixing. Luis is starting to look decidedly Seahorse-ish.

Christmas is coming soon. As usual, my thoughts turned to the cross stitch picture of the little snowmen that I started 6 years ago (good heavens!). I found myself longing to work on it, so I dug it out and worked on snowman 10 of the 12.

It feels good to be cross stitching again.

Yesterday I worked on the Owling fingerless mitts I'm making for a Christmas gift. I'll have a pic of that project in my next post.

We got rain last night. Lots of rain. Such a surprise. We were expecting a couple inches of snow. It knocked down the snow we had a couple inches. It's all wet, slippery, and gloppy out there now. Tonight we're supposed to dip back down into the frigid zone and get snow again.

Two very young turkeys have taken up residence in our yard the last 3 days. They were born earlier this year. I know this because of their coloring and the fact they still have feathers on their heads. They discovered the Parkarosa Bird Buffet and can't seem to get enough of it. Sweet Hubby blew a nice trail all the way around the house with the snow blower (for the cats) and they've been hanging around in it. This morning they were out front munching on bird seed. Sweet Hubby complimented me on the lovely animated Thanksgiving decorations I put up. Hee hee!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we are having dinner at our house this year. There will only be 8 of us. My brother-in-law Dan and his family are coming over. I think I can handle that. Especially with Sweet Daughter here to help me. I went shopping for the turkey and fixings yesterday. I wanted a fairly large turkey-I was thinking 20 pounds minimum, but the largest one they had was 17, so I settled for that. It's plenty big enough for 8 people. I was just kind of hoping for a bit more leftovers than we'll get.

I also bought fixin's for The Day After Thanksgiving Dinner. It's a Park family tradition. We all gather at Dan and Sue's house the friday after Thanksgiving and have a huge pot luck. We bring our leftovers (that we're willing to share anyway) and something new to add to them. I'm going to make my well liked Strawberry Jello salad for the occasion.

I have a strong desire to put the Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving. It's the dark. It's getting to me. (I have to turn the lights on around 3:30 now.) I don't have time. Got too much to do before the big dinner. I did talk Sweet Hubby into putting the lights up on the house though. I helped him. It is so nice to have a bit of color out there now.

Today is Tuesday, so I have Rathdrum Knitalong. I'm looking forward to it. I've got an idea to propose to the group. I want to do a lesson on fixing mistakes. I've come up with a swatch that everybody could make with mistakes knit into them on purpose and I'll teach how to fix them. Dropped stitches, a purl where a knit should go, how to unknit one stitch at a time, how to rip and put the stitches back on the needles, stuff like that. They need to know this stuff so they can fix mistakes without my help between meetings.

Live long and prosper.\\//

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  1. Lovely seahorse! Most definitely recognizable at this point. Don't you love those projects you find and then you remember just how long they've been around!!!