"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman



I have an appointment with a Gynecologist for this afternoon and I'm extremely nervous. No, let me rephrase that. I'm scared to death. A Xanax sounds really good right now. I will refrain though. I'm afraid to take it under the circumstances.

My blood test results came in yesterday morning. There was a bit of a panic at my doctors office. It's never good when that happens. Yeah, I've definitely lost too much blood. Drug therapy is out apparently. I fail as a candidate for that. Rats.

Today was the soonest a Gyn could see me. I've been taking it easy. When I'm this anxious, though, I can't bead at all, and knitting is difficult. I have almost no ability to concentrate. My thoughts zip around like crazy. Reading a novel is helpful. It seems to stop the zipping and calms the mind down. I finished The Mote in Gods Eye  (it is every bit as good as I remembered) and now I'm reading a CSI novel, The Killing Jar. Pure entertainment. It's all I can handle.

I have added a couple inches to the sock. I'm thinking, though, that I need to do something really brainless cuz I'm tinking as much as I'm knitting on that sock. I'm going to start some plain vanilla mens sized mittens for Knit Wits. We are seriously in need of them and they make a good portable project. Maybe I'll do the hand part in seed stitch so I don't get too bored.

Firefox is my web browser of choice. For some reason, it has stopped working on my laptop. I spent most of yesterday trying to get it working again, including a complete uninstall and then install of the newest version, checking for disk errors, scanning for malware and viruses, and all manner of things. Sweet Hubby worked on it for a few more hours after he got home. He couldn't get it to work either. We don't know what is wrong. I worked fine on Monday morning and that afternoon it wasn't working anymore. There are days when I really really really really hate computers.

So now I'm using Internet Explorer, which I can't stand. My daughter says to try Google Chrome. She used to use Firefox, tried Chrome out of curiosity, and never went back. Maybe I'll do that. I hate to abandon Firefox cuz I've really loved it up until now. I'd much rather know what is wrong and fix it.

The weather has been unseasonably warm this whole month. It's giving my tomatoes half a chance of getting ripe before frosting. We did get a nice cool day of rain yesterday though. It cleaned a lot of the smoke and dust that is typical for this time of year out of the air. The air smells wonderful right now. It has that sweet spicy aroma of autumn.

Tilly the turkey seems to have taken permanent residence in our yard. There's a reason for that. About 3 weeks ago, after Sweet Hubby and daughters latest brew, they dumped the used grain into the brush in the back yard. Tilly has been eating it like crazy ever since. No, she is not drunk. There isn't much alcohol in that grain anymore. They made this brew of millet, which is sold as bird seed in the US. It tastes pretty darn good (the brew that is. I didn't try the grain). I can see why Tilly likes it.

She has been deliberately teasing Tommy. Even going so far as to stand under the open living room window and clucking to get his attention. She waits for him to come dashing out the doggy door and around to the front. Sometimes she runs, letting him chase her in circles. Eventually she leaps out of the circle, stops, and watches Tommy continue in a circle (he is not a smart dog). It will take a couple laps before he realizes she's stopped. I think she gets a kick out of making him run after her and then jumping up and flying into a tree. Silly dog, she has his number. She is extremely camera shy though. She sees it, she runs. She's providing us some very good entertainment, and getting Tommy to exersize. I see that as a good thing.

Along with the ripening of tomatoes, I'm getting Dahlia blooms that I would not normally get with the lengthening of this summer. I leave you with this pic I took over the weekend.

Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. Chrome is fantastic. I was a big Firefox fan too, mostly because I hate Explorer. But I checked Chrome out one day and before I knew it, I was installing it everywhere.

    Good luck at the doc. I'll be thinking about you.

  2. I use Chrome and love it. Good luck at the dr. appt. I hope everything goes well.