"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


What a Week

My week has been filled with medical tests and full on just-short-of-panic-attack anxiety. By last night I was so exhausted  I went to bed at 8:30.

On Wednesday I saw the Gynecologist. A very nice young man (when did doctors become the same age as my kids?). He took some samples of tissue from the uterine lining.( Geez, that hurt more than I thought it would.) We will find out the results some time next week. He told me my uterus was small, which he seemed to be happy about, and that I would be getting an Endometrial Ablation. Due to my blood disorder, it is best to avoid hysterectomy, and I looked like the perfect candidate for EA. There will have to be some kind of medication bridge because I have to be taken off Coumadine before the procedure, but still be on blood thinners. Sigh. That means returning to injecting myself with needles several times a day for a few days before, and a few days after the procedure. Oh well, I was then scheduled for a pelvic sonogram to see what's really there.

Thursday I rested, unbeading and unknitting. Yes, the plan was to bead and knit. The weather was so beautiful I spent a few hours just enjoying it, some of that time on the deck crafting. I started a mens size mitten, as planned,

 but ended up frogging half of it back because I decided to put a silly striped pattern in it. Was worth the effort cuz I am loving the results.

The beading was a continuation of the Honeycomb bangle. I was at the part where I was putting on the Rondelles. I got about half way around and realized the whole Rondelle round was way too tight. The bangle couldn't even curve into a circle. I took some measurements and discovered the real gold beads I was using were not 3mm. They were in fact 2mm. Oh yes, they were 3mm wide, but only 2mm long along the bead hole. That was a problem. This bracelet really needs that hole length to be 3mm. So I had to frog it back to the round where I put those in. I dug around in the stash and found two strands of 3mm gold metallic Czech firepolish crystals. Not real gold, like the 3mm beads I was using (rats!), but just as shiny. I am now back to the Rondelle round, but probably won't get to it until tomorrow.

So, though I didn't actually make any forward progress in my projects, I think it was a productive time on the deck. And I so enjoyed the sunshine, blue sky, puffy white clouds, the buzzing bees on the brightly colored dahlias, the warm sweet spicy breeze caressing my back, and Tilly and Tommy playing with each other on the lawn as I worked.

I  can't believe my dog has made friends with a wild turkey. Will wonders never cease?

Enter the pelvic sonogram. It was done on Friday. I've had one before and I hated it. So I wasn't looking forward to this. Fortunately, I got a wonderful technician (unlike the last time when I got an old battle ax with a chip on her shoulder-sigh. Whole 'nuther story) who was very helpful and informative. I relaxed quite a bit after meeting her.

That small uterus? So wrong. Yes, the inside is small, but the outside is a whole 'nuther nightmare. It is so covered in fibroid tumors and fibroid tissue that it is the size of a 20 week pregnancy. The technician couldn't even find my right ovary. It's been imprisoned in fibroids. Now I'm wondering what the Gynecologist felt that he thought was a small uterus? Oh yes, and I have a teeny tiny bladder. Poor thing. It's being squished.

 No wonder my uterus won't stop bleeding. Suddenly a whole lotta stuff I've been dealing with the past few years came into focus and made sense. I've come to a conclusion. I don't want it anymore. When I see Dr. Gynecologist next week, I will say "I WANT THIS THING OUT OF ME." I'm willing to go through whatever drug therapy I must to get rid of the ute. I don't need it any more. It's just causing a lot of trouble. I don't want it. Period. Yank that baby out and lets be done with it. While your at it-take that poor abused ovary with it. And lets get this done asap. I've got a trip to Mauai in December. I wanna be in good shape for it.

Oh yes, and please be generous with the pain killers. ;-)

Today is Parktoberfest. I am going to really enjoy it this year. I need the fun and fellowship of friends and family right now. I'm going to be making White Chili and Plum Crisp for the occasion, as soon as I get done here. Sweet Hubby wants the White Chili. It has been awhile since I've made it.

The Plum Crisp is of necessity. I've never had it before. We have a wild Plum tree in our back yard. Usually, we don't get much of the harvest because the birds and wild animals beat us to it. However, this week we had a brief but powerful wind storm that knocked most of the ripe plums out of the tree where they landed on the thick soft lawn. Sweet Hubby gathered them all up, and now I have to figure out what to do with 2 shopping bags worth of ripe Plums before they start to rot.

I'm not really a Plum lover. I'll eat them once in awhile fresh, or tossed in a fruit salad, but I've never cooked with them. I googled and came up with a Plum Crisp recipe that actually sounds good.

So, that having been said, I need to get busy  cooking.

Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. Sorry to hear about that. I think you're right though and will feel a whole lot better without it!

  2. My husband has done the Lovenox or Heprin route

    The needles aren't too bad, but it's not fun

    He has a difficult time getting up to the right coumadin level, so any time he had to go off coumadin and onto Lovenox, it was a pain in the butt

    But considering what you're going through, it sounds worth it!!

  3. Love the knitting!

    Been there, done that! I had some of the same problems and had that surgery over 10 years ago and haven't regretted it even once!! You will feel SO much better!! Good luck!!

  4. Hello,

    I am trying to find a beaded sea hose pattern and would love to know where you got yours!

    1. Lisa, I got the pattern for Luis the Seahorse here:


  5. Thank You!