"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Sometimes Ones Body Is Not Ones Friend

I have not been feeling well the past week. So much so that I've not even wanted to knit or bead. I did get a little bit forward on the sock. I settled on the type of heel that would be used in this pattern.

Now I'm going up the leg. I weighed the skein after getting the heel done to see if I might have enough to finish and I think I do. I had slightly more than half left. If I get to the cuff and it's pretty clear I don't have enough I've decided to do it in the red. I'll be glad when I finally get this sock done. I will be knitting the second one to test knit the pattern after I finish writing it. It may become one of those Yazi projects.

Sweet Hubby was away most all of last week on his bike ride. He came home safe and sound and very happy. He had a wonderful time and wants to do it again next year. His legs are also so sore he's having problems walking. I'm pretty proud of him though. 350 miles in 5 days is no small accomplishment.

On Sunday morning my glasses broke. I picked them up to put them on and one of the arms fell off and hit the floor. I had a really really bad night Saturday. Got hardly any sleep at all and was in a very foul mood. The glasses were no help at all. I was quite upset.

Today, though, I went to Visionworks (formerly Eyemasters), where I bought the glasses, to get them fixed. They were out of warranty, naturally (just barely too). But I got lucky. They still carry the frames so I was able to purchase new ones exactly like the old ones. The sales clerk let me have them for half off too, which was nice of her. I didn't have to get new lenses, which is a huge relief. She just used the ones from the broken pair. I kept the broken frames so I have some spare parts, just in case.

As I've mentioned, I'm not feeling well. Today I went to the doctor. The news isn't good. I've been going through Perimenopause for a few years now. You know when they tell you you'll get hot flashes, mood swings, and 'menstrual irregularities'? Yeah, that last one is a variety of things, including Flooding. It's when your period flow is so heavy that you think your going to bleed to death. You're changing the pad every hour and usually getting huge clots along with it. (When I say huge-I mean lemon sized!) It's normal to have Flooding for a day or two, but I just went through an entire week of very severe flooding. I've lost so much blood it's affecting me pretty strongly-headaches, dizzy, weak, tired, heart pounds at the slightest physical effort, and I'm so darn cold. When I told the doc what's been going on the past week, he said "You're scaring me Linda." I'm scaring him? Not nearly as much as I've scared myself.

The doctor is sending me to a Gynecologist. I expect to be having surgery in the near future. Something has to be done to eliminate the problem. Usually drug or hormone therapy (Estrogen) is what one would start with, but I can't have that due to meds I'm on and a history of DVT. So surgery comes next. Not sure what exactly. I guess I'll find out. In the meantime, I have to take it easy, increase my iron supplement intake (which I'd already done a couple days ago), and eat more steak and other iron rich foods. Thankfully, the flow has eased up quite a bit today. If it goes back to being heavy again, I'm to take myself to hospital emergency immediately.

Aging. It sucks.

I don't want to end todays post on a negative note, so here's something cool. I ordered a new t-shirt last week and it arrived today.

It's a take on the phrase "Haters gonna hate". If you are interested, visit Spreadshirt.com. I'm looking forward to wearing mine to my next knitting group meeting.

Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. Hope you find a good and not too invasive solution to your medical problems.

    I think you should do the cuff in red either way :o)

  2. I had the same flow problems you had. The solution for me was an uterine ablation procedure where they basically cauterize the uterine wall. I am sure the OBGYN will mention it. It did the trick for me and even ended my periods entirely. I was 48 when I had it done. It doesn't help with any of the other perio symptoms such as hot flashes, but I can live with them.

  3. I always worry about you when you don't post for a long time.

    Hope there's a simple answer to your problem and you get back to your regular happy self soon.