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A Family Visit

A family came to visit yesterday. Click on the pics to embiggen.

What's that coming out of the bushes in the corner?

"Come over here children."

"Pose for the nice lady so she can take pictures."

Aren't they cute for 4 foot high babies?

I just wanna squoosh them with hugs and kisses.

"Okay, enough of that. It's past lunch time"

"Mm, nothing like some fresh plum tree for lunch."

"Hey kids, there's an easy to reach juicy flowering plum over here."

"Well, if the dog is gonna bark at me, I'm leaving. Hey kids, time to go!"


They showed up around 1:30pm. They milled around in my yard for about an hour playing and munching. Every so often they'd go for something important. I'd say "Please don't eat that", and they would back off and leave it alone.

This is the first time I've heard moose speak. The children make little high pitched calf moo's as they bounced and played on the lawn. Mom mooed at them every so often to keep them in line. Now I know why they're called Moose. They actually moo!

The bull in the last photo was a surprise. I never saw or heard him. It wasn't until Big Momma mooed at the kids to join her in leaving that he came running likkety split out of the bushes and across the lawn to catch up.

They came back after dark and demolished the Dogwood vine, though the big bull refused to step out where I could get a good look at him. He's unusually shy.

"Hey, I see something tasty over here."

The kids were absolutely fearless, walking right up to me as I stood on the steps at the back door.

This one was so curious. It wanted to sniff and nuzzle me. I had the fur boys expen set up at the bottom of the steps to keep the dogs safe. This time, it kept me safe. I stayed out of reach.

This one was just a little bit smarter, I think.

Big Momma wasn't the least bit concerned about me. She stood at the edge of the lawn, out of reach of my camera. I guess she's decided after all these years that I'm trust worthy? I wanted so bad to reach out and scritch a velvety snout, but I don't trust Momma as much as she seems to trust me. So I kept my hands to myself and just talked to them. Eventually they all laid down in the weeds against the fence around the garden and went to sleep for the night.

This morning there was more vegetation missing, including 2 branches off the maple tree, and my hummingbird feeder is broken into pieces, so I'm guessing they ate breakfast before they left.

Have a good day.

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