"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Chaos Let Loose

I had plans for today's post. Ha! See the below picture? This is my life today. It shows exactly how I'm feeling.


Not much knitting or beading has gone on for several days now.

I was going to post a bunch of pictures and tell you all about this weekend, but I can't find the cord for downloading the pics off my camera. I know it's around here somewhere, but darn if I can remember which box...

You see, I got this crazy idea on Sunday to talk Sweet Hubby into going to look at flooring. I've been wanting to get rid of our carpet for several years now. I was even starting to feel desperate about the whole issue as the years have gone by, and still no new floor. It was Labor Day weekend. There are some really great sales on Labor Day weekend. So, off we went. I didn't really believe that we'd actually buy anything on this trip. I mean, how many trips like this have we gone on and come home empty handed? Lots, that's how many. I was wrong.

We became the proud owners of 33 boxes of bamboo flooring.

Yesterday morning, while I was in the shower, Sweet Hubby (without warning) started moving stuff out of one half of the living room, and before I knew it, all was chaos in our house. Not only can't I find my camera cord, but I don't know where he put the 2 library books that are due either. I will have to spend some time digging in the piles in the bedroom I guess.

We got 4 boxes of the flooring installed in the living room yesterday. Wow, it's a lot of work putting down wood flooring! Sweet Hubby decided to glue, instead of nail. (Now, there is some fun. How do you keep the fur kids out of the glue? Heheheh.) Ruth came up for the weekend and helped us. I am so glad she did. We really needed the help.

I am so happy to haul that gross awful smelly stained worn out disgusting carpet, along with it's padding, out the door though.

The floor is going to be gorgeous, judging by what we've installed so far. I can hardly wait until it's done. I'm getting a big area rug for the living room, and some throw rugs for high traffic areas.

There was some discussion about getting a large rug to put under the dining room table but after careful consideration, I scrapped that idea. It would defeat the purpose of the wood floor-to make pet messes easier to clean up. The dining room is where the most pet messes are.

Anyway, I have pics of what we've done so far, but no way to get them on the computer at the moment.

I also need that cord for all the pics I took on Saturday. We went to the 50th Wedding Anniversary party of some very dear friends-Jan and Ed Murphy. I took hundreds of pictures for them. Gotta find that cord!!

This afternoon I'm taking Morgan to an appointment with a canine eye specialist. We're going to find out if he has Glaucoma or not. Reddish brown spots that look like blood appeared in his eyes last week. I took him to the vet to find out what it is. They've referred me to a Dr. Yates, canine eye specialist. We'll see what happens.

Speaking of Morgan, I also forgot to mention he turned 14 on August 29th.

Have a good day.

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