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Star Trek Distress

In May I ordered the new Star Trek The Original Series complete DVD set from Amazon.com. It's a set that has all 3 seasons of the original series, plus some really cool extra stuff. They were having a special sale on it. They were out of stock, but they got more in and I received my set earlier this month. I have been watching the disks ever since, while making the beaded flowers.

Unfortunately, the last 5 of the 10 disks in season 1 do not work. I've found this to be common in DVD sets that have multiple disks. By the way, all the rest of the disks in the whole set work great.

Also unfortunate-Amazon does not do exchanges. If I want my disks replaced I have to send the whole set (all 3 seasons) back to them. They refund me. Then I order them again. The price has gone up considerably since I first ordered them. I'm not in the mood to pay more money for it when the disks are defective. I just want an exchange. Amazon told me to contact the manufacturer. grumble

I went prowling around on one of the CBS web sites and, lucky me, I found an email address to send a help message to on their store customer service page. Jeff has replied already.

I'll let you know if I get my disks replaced.

Have a great day.


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  1. I haven't read any more recent posts you may have put yet, but I hope this was resolved for you! What a pain...best of all the series' though:)