"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


What's On, Then Off, Then On the Needles

When I was researching for ideas on what to do for Sarah's flowers, I came across a picture of a lovely bouquet being held by a pair of hands wearing beaded knit fingerless gloves. "Wow!" I thought. "What a great idea." I filed it away for future reference. After finishing the shawl I found myself with a lot of leftover yarn. I had, in fact, bought 2 skeins of it and didn't use up all of the first skein. So, in the interest of fun and love, I sought a pattern for beaded fingerless mitts that would look good in a wedding. I'm surprised how many of them there are. It was hard to settle on just one. I chose, though, and that's what I've been knitting this past week.

I've already cast on, knit, bound off the first one, and started the second. Excuse the orange hand. I cut it out of a shoebox lid.

It has ivory colored beads in it.

I'm using 2 strands of the lace weight together to give me fingering weight and it's working magnificently. I love this pattern. It's so simple and pretty. I'll give more info about it after I get the second one done.

I found myself having to do more flowers on Friday. Sarah decided she didn't want to wear a veil with her dress. She wants a head wreath instead. I used some of the leftover silk flowers to make it. I've finished it, just haven't taken pics yet. I told her no more. I am not making another flowered item for the wedding. I am wedding flowered out. I long to work on other things now.

Yesterday I got to work on the lime and violet project I started many moons ago for a beading swap I was participating in. I ended up dropping out of the swap because the flowers took precedence.

Where I was when I dropped out.

Now I can finish that project, and lo and behold-I've joined another swap. This one is for one of the groups I'm in on Ravelry. It's a knitters swap with the theme Buy Local. Along with yarn we're to send our swappee something from our local area. Like for instance, huckleberry something from North Idaho. Or we can make things, or whatever. I figure I can't get much more local than shopping my own bead stash. Heh heh.

Anyway, I'm working on an Ndebele spiraling tube. It's coming along nicely. I plan to utilize one of the beaded beads I made earlier this year in this project-which will be a necklace.

It's been warm, humid, damp, and stormy all week. Lots of lightening and thunder. I sure hope it doesn't rain on wedding day.

Have a good day.


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