"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


I'm on a Roll

All of a sudden things are coming together, really fast. I've finished the bouquets for the brides two attendants-maid of honor and bridesmaid respectively.

Then I put together a silk bouquet for Sarah to throw.

The beaded one weighs 1 lb 2 oz (509 grams) and we don't want any possible concussions happening. The silk one weighs 6 oz (165 grams). I couldn't find any silk snapdragons in appropriate colors so I substituted with something that has a similar shape and style.

Ruth is home from her geology field trip so I drafted her into helping me. Yesterday she made over 40 tulle fluffies for me. That's what I decided to use for filler rather than baby's breath or something like that. SIL Diane gave me a huge role of tulle she found in her craft stash. So it's been a very economic element. Besides, it gives the bouquets a sort of fantasy fairyish sort of look.

I need to make the boutonnieres for the groom and his guys next. I started Franks Snapdragon yesterday. It's about half done. I'm using tiny little size 15 beads so it won't be this huge honkin' thing standing on his shoulder. I need to make 2 beaded carnations for the grooms men. Then everything else will be silk. I need to pop into Michaels today and pick up 2 more stems of the blue flowers. Then I will be done buying floral stuff. Whew!

This project has been a real challenge, but I'm having a LOT of fun doing it.

I have CDA Yarnies this morning. Ruth is going with me. Woot!

Have a great day.


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