"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Catching Up

It's been a busy week, and I haven't felt like blogging because of a disaster that happened over the weekend that took the oomph out of me. My daughter had a birthday party at her place over the weekend. I took the fircone shawl to work on. I got to work on it quite a bit too because they decided to play a rousing game of Munchkin, which I don't enjoy playing, so I was able to bow out and just watch them, which was far more entertaining for me than playing the game. They quickly ran out of dining room chairs, so I sat in one of those folding camp chairs. It was navy blue.

We had hamburgers for dinner, which were pretty sloppy, so I made sure I washed my hands before I started knitting. So, they're playin' the game, and I'm happily knitting along. After the game I held it up to show Sarah and that's when I noticed that all the work I'd done while sitting there had a blue/gray tinge to it that was blatantly screaming at me. Sarah could see it too. Oh Noes!

My first thought was that I was sitting in a navy blue canvas chair. The yarn was running lightly over the arm as I was knitting. Did it pick up the blue dye? Which led eventually to the thought-is this a permanent discoloration? Do I have to take the whole inch and a half of yarn out, cut it off, and throw it away? Poof! That was the end of my desire to work on it further.

"Forget it. I'm not knitting a stupid arse lace shawl! I'm incapable of doing such a thing. That's probaby why I haven't knit one since I was in high school. Obviously the knitting gods don't want me doing it either." When I got home I tossed the shawl on the craft table in disgust, and worked on something else for awhile.

First of all, I got back to my Mexican Waters sock. I have found 2 errors so far in my pattern. So glad I'm proofreading before I post it on the web site.

I've also been, dare I say it..... crocheting. (insert scary music here). I love to crochet toys, and since we (the Knitwits) need lots of toys, and I'd forgotten to take my knitting pattern with me to the last meeting (I don't think I blogged about that) so had nothing to do, and I just happened to have a very old pattern with me that was donated to us last December (along with 3 boxes of other vintage crochet and knitting patterns) of a clown, I borrowed a hook from someone and started it. There is no copyright or publisher information on the pattern, but it calls for Bucilla Twin Pack worsted acrylic yarn. So that should give you an idea of it's age. I just love these old patterns.

I'm calling him the Clown of Doom because clowns are scary like that, though my goal is to make him look sweet and friendly. I've got 10 diamonds done. Only a couple of hundred left to go.

I also worked on the wedding flowers. Sheesh! I learned how NOT to make snapdragons. Does this:
Look like this?:

I don't think so. Scratch that pattern! It looks like a snapdragon from afar, but when you start looking at the individual flowers, this pattern sucks! Back to the drawing board.

Yesterday morning, in a wistfull mood, I picked up the shawl and looked at it. What's this? I hauled it to the window and looked at it in the bright sunlight.

The blue/gray line is gone! It's completely gone! Whew! What a relief. I was so happy I took it with me to work on during my knitting class. This is where I'm at.

Speaking of my knitting class, I had my first student yesterday. A lady named Pam who is taking her first steps into lace knitting with a beautiful, and simple, scarf. You go girl!

My sister-in-law Elizabeth also showed up for a visit this last weekend. She brought the fur niece and nephew, Penny and Pete.

For something so cute looking, they sure can cause a lot of trouble.

Yesterday was our anniversary. That is, the anniversary of when Morgan joined the family. We're havin' a little celebration tonight.

Have a good day.


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  1. I've ripped out more than I've knit the past week and haven't felt like blogging, either, since I have nothing to blog about.

    It's rained for the past week, and even though I'm happy it's spring and not snow, I'm feeling extremely bitchy. Since I'm too old for PMS, I'm blaming it on spring allergies.