"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Our Anniversary

April 30th is the anniversary of when Morgan joined the family. We celebrated our 9th one last week, on Friday so Sarah and Frank could join us. I rotisseried a beef roast. Morgan enjoyed his share immensely.

Tommy, who refused to sit still long enough for a pic, was a baaaaad boy. Sweet Hubby had sliced up the roast for me and put it on a platter, which he left sitting on top the stove. Tommy waited until no one was looking, then jumped up, grabbed a piece, and ran away with it. He's never actually grabbed something off the stove before. Little turd. We cornered him and took it away. That is not acceptable behavior in this house.

On Saturday I taught the first session of a beaded bead class. It went very well, though I only had one student. Second session is next weekend.

Having taught the class, I found myself in the mood for beaded beads, and since I'm supposed to be making a necklace for a swap, and that swap deadline is coming fast, I thought I'd get to work on it. I have decided to make a necklace with 3 Scaph type beaded beads. I made one of them weeks ago already. So I only need to do 2 more. I made the second one yesterday. Same color theme as the first one. Just slightly different variation.

While diggin around in the pile on top of what I call the craft table, looking for the beads that I needed to make the above bead, I ran across a couple stash enhancements I bought a couple weeks ago but never blogged about.

First, there's this book by Karen DeSousa. I LOVELOVELOVE her ornament covers. This is her latest one. Had to have it. I bought the beads to make the brown one in the lower right corner, only my beads are shades of green.

When Marguerite was here for her visit last month I bought this sock yarn, made by Araucania. It got buried pretty deep on the table.

It's an unusual colorway for me to choose, but I really like it. Bits of lavender mixed in the rust, red, wine, orange, gold and yellow.

My craft table is actually the dining room table. I should clean it off today so I can see the wood again. ;-)

Have a good day.


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