"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Spring for Sale

Hello! I've been really really busy this week, being the first week of the month and all. Yesterday was Coeur d'Alene Yarnies and my Knitwits meeting. I had a ball at both. Yarnie type people are so much FUN!

It was my turn to take dessert to Knitwits. I made a fantastic, if I do say so myself, Velvet Spice Cake with cream cheese frosting-all from scratch. I even used real butter. It's my birthday week. I'm treating myself with good things. I promised Sweet Hubby he could have some after the meeting (it's just not proper to take a cake somewhere with a slice missing). The cake was such a huge hit I got afraid there would be no leftovers! Gals were goin' back for seconds. As women know, that just doesn't happen amongst a group of women! Especially after I told them I'd used real butter and all manner of decadent ingredients. I had a good case of the warm fuzzies because of it though. There were 3 slices left to take home. I gave 2 to Sweet Hubby, and I ate the last one after dinner.

Tuesday I met with a couple online beading buddies in person at Bead It to help them figure out what they were doin' wrong in their bead crochet. I had a good time. It's so fun to put faces to the email addresses.

Monday I ran errands in Coeur d'Alene, and met some of my awesome friends for lunch at Bonsai Bistro. They paid for my lunch and heaped luv on me cos it's my birthday week. The food was SO good!

I bought some spring at the Safeway grocery store this week.

Between that, the Burpee seed catalogue that came in the mail, and my pics of Mexico, I should be able to get through the 2 to 3 months of dreary winterness that is left.

I also had some internet SEX. That would be Stash Enhancement eXperience. This is my birthday week, so I've been buying me presents cos, well, the sad truth is, I'm the only one who ever does (buy me birthday presents, that is).

Isn't it purty? I wanted some plain chocolate brown to make a pair of socks for my future son in law, and I want to try making a pair of mittens from my recently acquired Sulbovetter book. Lorna's Laces-yum! I'd forgotten how nice a hand this stuff has. I was expecting the variegated to be less yellowy, and more beigey as brown goes. But this will do.

I found a wonderful article on the web by Miss Manners, you know ,the lady who knows all things proper, on the subject of everything, including KIPing. I quote it here.

"Dear Miss Manners: At a condo association meeting consisting of about 60 people, there was a head table with six people, facing about six rows of tables, about five feet away. In the front row were two ladies — not sitting next to each other — doing their needlework.

Is it proper to do needlework while at an event such as this? I noticed that the speakers were distracted (and so was I) by their movements. Between reading the directions and rearranging their work, one couldn’t help but turn their way to see what was going on. I say it is rude.

Gentle Reader: But what if they don’t have hand-held devices that enable them to check their e-mail, text message and play games while the committee is droning on?

Not that Miss Manners condones failing to pay attention at meetings, or rather, failing to look as if one is paying attention. She merely wants to make the point that there are worse distractions available. Needlework at least has precedent behind it. For centuries, ladies sat quietly doing needlework while gentlemen conversed around them, and didn’t miss a thing of what was going on."


I found this awesome little cat video that made me laugh. Thought I'd share it with y'all.

Have a great day!


  1. My wisdom teeth are gone so as soon as I can eat solid foods, I will bring you a birthday present.

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you're having a great time even if you are buying your own presents. And who knows better what you want than you do.

    That daffodil picture has me drooling for spring. Bright yellow flowers. I think I remember what they're like.