"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


It's My Birthday

"and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to....." A song that's rolling around in my head this morning. Today I am officially 50 years old. Wow! I'm impressed.

For the first time since I was 21, someone is having a party for me. My Sweet Hubby told me last night a bunch are coming over Saturday to celebrate. I am speechless. He's never voluntarily done anything for my birthday before-unless you count taking me to dinner because I refuse to cook on my birthday. My last birthday party was when I was 21, given by my college friends. I am stoked!

Turning 50 I find myself reflecting on my life. First of all, the fact I'm still alive is wonderful because I've had 3 occasions when that might not have been the case. You appreciate life more when you've been as near to death as I have been. I appreciate it very much.

I am not anywhere near what I wanted to be when I was a young person. I'm not playing my violin in the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra, or for the Queen of England. Yup! That is what I wanted. That and a nice music teaching job in a school on Whidbey Island (Puget Sound, Washington state). Sheesh! I haven't even touched my violin for 2 or 3 years now.

My life did not go in the direction I had hoped, or wanted. But, you know what? That's okay because I'm much happier with how it did turn out than I would have been if I'd got my naive young wish. I mean, can you imagine the stress involved with playing for the Queen of England???

What I do have is the most wonderful husband in the universe, two awesomely fantastic daughters, in laws that are more fun than a barrel of monkeys, fantastic friends, a small house that I love, a huge backyard full of wild animals, I don't have to worry about the basics of food shelter and clothing, and I can have all the beads and yarn I want. What more does one need? I learned in my 40's that I do not want to be rich. Just comfortable. Rich is not what makes happiness. Love, family, friends, pursuing my passions for fiber and bitty bits of glass makes me happy. Blissfully happy with my life. I'm content, comfortable, satisfied, and very glad I don't have to play my violin for the Queen of England.

Have a great day! I know I will.


  1. Happy, happy birthday!!! I hope you have an incredible year full of everything your heart desires. :-)

  2. Have a wonderful beady and knitty birthday =)

  3. Happy birthday! May it be a "fibery-beadie" one!

  4. Happy Birthday! I've also found that being something different than what I intended originally might actually be better. May you have lots of yarn and other good things in the next year!

  5. Happy Birthday! Isn't it funny how life turns out so differently than we imagined when we were young?