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Pics from Mexico

I got my pictures off Sweet Hubbies computer. I've uploaded both his and mine to a Picasa album. That would be located here:

Here are a few of my favorites.

This is the crew that went.

Top row: SIL Sue, Neph Nate, BIL Dan, Neph Shawn, Neph Brendan, soon to be son-in-law Frank, Neph Tyler, Sweet Hubby.

Front row: Niece Holly, Niece Heidi, SIL Diane, daughter Sarah, Me, BIL Chet

Casa Caribena-front

Casa Caribena from the beach

Sarah and Brendan making a sand castle

I found this little guy in the house, on the cold tile floor. He seemed to enjoy being on my warm hand. I finally took him outside and let him go in the flower bed.

This bird, and it's mate, hung around the lanai all day long. It was quite fearless, hopping around our feet picking crumbs off the floor. (No, I did not use my telephoto lens. It wanted to pose for the camera up close.)

This is Lalani. She lives at Casa Caribena. She is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. She would spend hours just staring in the water, trying to catch the little fish and hermit crabs.

There were a lot of iguanas and lizards around the house, and pretty much everywhere we went.

There is a funny story that comes with the pic of this Pelican.

One of our excursions was to spend a day at Xel-Ha, a Cenote park. It's basically a water park, but instead of being a bunch of slides and a floating river for tubes, the water features are natural lakes, water holes, a river, etc. It was a lot of fun, and the snorkeling was great. This pelican was hanging out on one of the many bridges. Just hangin'. Watching us tourists stroll by. I got out my camera and it took quite an interest in me. Posed for many pictures. While we were doing our Pelican fashion shooting session this woman walked up to watch us. She walked right into my photo. Pelican didn't like that-so he turned around and bit her in the leg to make her back off. Then he returned to his pose. I laughed so hard I about fell off the bridge.

Feeding lettuce to some Manatees at Xel-Ha

Hangin' in the hammocks (drinking Margaritas) in Xel-Ha

Dan, Nate, Sue, and Sweet Hubby in Xel-Ha

Our second excursion was to visit the Mayan ruins at Coba. They were fascinating.

Part of a sports arena. The players had to throw a very heavy ball through the hoop. Winner got to be sacrificed to the Gods. (Not much of a motivation to win by our standards.)

Exploring a tunnel that ran under one of the many Mayan temples. I love this picture of Chet.

This is a Blue Jay I saw while walking through the jungle of the ruins. I found it interesting that it's black and blue, like the jays are in America. Just a different layout for the colors. It's voice was every bit as obnoxious.

All the little carved rocks and tablets in the ruins had these little thatched roofs over them to protect them from the weather.

Sarah and Frank in front of another carving being protected.

Most of us wanted to climb one of the tallest Mayan pyramids in Mexico. Sweet Hubby is the bright red shirt in the middle, on his way up. I didn't climb it. There's no way my gimpy leg could have handled it.

Waiting for the stragglers to get back down the pyramid.

Our last big excursion was a drive. Sweet Hubby, Chet, Diane and I went for a little road trip (while the rest of the family went off to hang themselves on the zip lines) driving this gravel road down a thin spit of land (you could see the water on both sides) to a tiny fishing village at the very end called Punta Allen. It was a beautiful drive, though definitely bumpy.

Driving through a thick Palm forest.

Upon arriving at Punta Allen, we found a nice little restaurant to have lunch.

The tables were literally in the sand on the beach. Our view as we ate a delicious meal was spectacular. I had the Chicken with mushrooms and it was to die for!

The restaurant still had their Christmas decorations up. This was their version of a snowman.

As we were getting into the car to head back to Casa Caribena, I noticed this palm tree out in front decorated with Christmas ornaments.

The last sunrise I got to see at Casa Caribena.

Coming home was truly a difficult thing to do.

My daughter has written a rather humorous account of her arrival and first day of our trip on her blog (yes, it's all true). Visual Violation

Have a great day.


  1. What an awesome trip! Your pelican story made me laugh! What a ham! I bet it was shocking to return to this cold!

  2. What a great group of happy vacationers. So hard to believe it's warm somewhere on this planet, but it looks like you found a warm place and had a great mid-winter break.

    Loved the pelican story.

  3. Thank you for your pictures. Yesterday we reserved a week at Casa Caribena in Jan. of 2010 and I've been surfing the web for pics. It's going to be a long 10 months until we go. Thanks again.