"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


You'll Have to Have This

I totally forgot to ask Sweet Hubby to put my pics on his laptop onto a CD for me. But you can see pics taken by my sisters-in-law. Some of them even have me in them.

Diane's Album

I'm in this pic, third from the right. The dark purple beached whale. I'm actually knitting the sock while chatting with SIL Sue and Sweet Hubby. There's nine Parks in that pic. We were chillin' in front of the house we rented.

Sue's Album

Sue took a lot of pictures. Most of them are pretty good too cos she has professional photography skills, and a brand new camera.

On Wednesday I went to the weekly CDA Yarnies meeting (a knitting group, meets 10am at CDA Yarn and Fiber) and acquired a couple new goodies while there.

First, this book by Terri Shea titled Selbuvotter, Biography of a Knitting Tradition.

It's great. It's about the history of the Norwegian Selbuvotter style of knitting. Lots of wonderful 2-color patterns for mittens and gloves.

I also bought one of the new square circular needles by Kollage yarns, in size 7, to try it out. I like the needle part itself. It's made of a nice brown coated aluminum. The square shape is definitely easier on the hand. The cable is extremely flexible. In fact, it's too soft. It has a tendency to bend and push through the stitches where it connects to the needle, making it difficult to push the stitches up on the needle to be worked.

It drove me crazy! I had to stop and very carefully push the stitches over the bend onto the needle every few seconds, which slowed me down considerably. I see the join breaking fairly soon because of the constant sharp bending at the join while this is going on. I'm very sad about that because I really really like the way the needles feel in my hands. It's back to good ol' dependable Addi Turbo for me. Still the best circular needles on the market.

On the way home I decided to drop in to Tuesday Morning, a discount store in Coeur d'Alene. To me, it's like popping into a garage sale. There's lots of junk, but every once in awhile I'll run across a treasure that must be brought home. I found one this time.

The Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns is chock full of goodies, if you like stitch patterns. There's quite a few I've never seen before, and lots that would be great with socks.

And now, a WIP.

I'm making progress on the little baby sweater I'm making for Knitwits. It's been a fun portable knit for me.

Well, that's the news from Casa Parkarosa. I've got a blinding sinus headache now, so I think I'll go seek some painkillers. (I have caught a bug this week. Welcome home LJ!)

Have a good day.

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