"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


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Anonymous Jaded said...

"Wish i could knit... Despite having a very talented mom who knits and stitches and crochets and embroiders, all i have been able to do is complete a university degree.

Any suggestions on how i could actually start? :)"

Just DO IT!

Don't be afraid to do it. Take your time. It will feel really awkward at first, but after a bit of practice it will begin to feel natural. Knitting takes time and practice.

You can either go to your local yarn shop and ask for help, or get some size 8 needles, some worsted weight yarn (like Red Heart Supersaver, Caron Simply Soft, Lionbrand Wool Ease are all good candidates), and visit these web sites.

Learn to Knit

How to Knit, The Basics (Youtube video)

Knitting Help.Com

Learn to Knit at Lion Brand

Or, visit the local library for books on the subject, or go to a book store and purchase a basic book on how to knit. My personal favorites are:

How to Knit by Debbie Bliss

Knitting for Dummies

TNNA's How to Knit

But any How to Knit book will work.

Good first projects are:




Let me know how you're doing.


Now, for some knitting news. I have not done much knitting this past week. A bit here, a bit there. On Friday I was sick all day with a monstrous sinus headache so I didn't do anything except take pain killers and watch tv.

I did a little on the Bayerische sock-I decided to do a third repeat. It's almost done.

I did a couple pattern repeats on my Kimono jacket.

I decided to make a baby jacket for my first Knitwits 2009 project. I started it at the meeting last Wednesday. I worked on it last night for a bit while at BIL Dan's house. (We got together to discuss our impending trip to Mexico.)

Mostly, I've been working on getting ready for our trip. Lots of things needed to be done in preparation for us being away. I will start the packing on Monday. The hardest thing for me right now is deciding which knitting projects to take with me. I am limited to one suitcase and one carry on for the whole trip, so I can't take a lot of yarn. I'm thinking the socks, and maybe the baby sweater, or my beehive shawl.

I'm not planning on knitting on the plane though. Don't want to take a chance on having my needles confiscated, so they will be in the checked bag. I have bought a new book to read on the plane, Thai Die by Monica Ferris.

Which reminds me, I called UPS about the terrible delivery job they did on Sweet Hubby's Christmas present. I called their 1-800 customer service number first and vented in the ear of a very patient and tolerant woman. She was as appalled as I was. She took my phone number, then had the local office call me so I could yell at them. I thought that was pretty funny. By the time he called, though, I'd cooled off, so he didn't get yelled at as much as I would have earlier. He promised to make sure it never happens again. A claim has been filed by Red Hill General Store for the loss, and they are going to send me a replacement jug. Unfortunately, the jugs are on back order until February. So it looks like instead of a Christmas present, it will be an anniversary present for Sweet Hubby.

I think I'll do a bit of knitting now.

Have a good day.

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