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I Can't Believe This!

A rant. On 12/30 I told y'all about the Christmas present that hadn't come yet. UPS claimed they delivered it on the 24th, speculation was made that maybe it got buried in the snow on our front porch, but we hadn't seen hide nor hair of UPS or the package. Then I made a comment about "There is a little part of me that kind of hopes that come spring time we find a box buried."

Well, guess what? Tuesday night a Pineapple Express moved into our area. This is when the weather currents change and start sending warm wet air up from the area right about where Hawaii is. We get one every January, and it results in a big warm thaw. Yesterday it rained all day, and it was 48F degrees (it was wonderful!). A LOT of snow melted. Today we've had more of the same.

A little while ago my DD, Ruth, walked out to the mailbox to check for mail. She found a freshly unsnowed surprise. A soaking wet bright green box, in a plastic bag, hanging on a nail on the fence! Guess what's in it?

One severely damaged Christmas present for Sweet Hubby. He wanted a stoneware whiskey jug in the worst way. (Ruth says it's a jigsaw puzzle whiskey jug.)

Obviously the idiot working for UPS decided to be lazy and hung the package on the nail, then the snow plow whipped by and buried it.


He is NOT supposed to do that. In fact, we've had dozens of packages delivered here and they have always come down the driveway. Why he didn't do that this time, and deliver it to the door, is beyond me! Sweet Hubby plowed the driveway that day knowing I was waiting for a package to be delivered, so there was NO excuse for not bringing it to the door. I am filing a complaint! In fact, I've already talked to one UPS customer service rep.

Someone's head is gonna roll for this!

Have a nice evening.

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  1. not funny I know, but interesting to hear that couriers act the same way in your end of the world as they do in ours :)

    Wish i could knit... Despite having a very talented mom who knits and stitches and crochets and embroiders, all i have been able to do is complete a university degree.

    Any suggestions on how i could actually start? :)