"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


WIP Wednesday 1/14/08 and Going Offline

Here's a WIP for this Wednesday. It's a baby sweater I have started for Knitwits. So far, I'm lovin' it. A nice brainless knit I can tote around with me.

I'm using a heathered purple and a funky peach for colors. Everywhere I go I'm being told by folks they love the colors. Cool!

Here's how the Kimono Jacket is going. The first piece is almost done.

Just 6 rows left, which I'd intended to do last night but I had an apple martini with dinner and it hit me so hard I fell asleep instead. Chenille seems to approve.


Now for some really awesome news. Just recently I found out Cookie A, of the Monkey Socks pattern fame, has been writing a book of sock patterns. I LOVE her sock patterns. I ADORE her sock patterns. I can't wait until the book is on the market. You can see a little peep of it here:

Cookie A's book

I've heard it's due for release in April? I so WANT this book!!!!!!!


Now, for the big big news.

I will be offline for a couple weeks. Tomorrow morning we are leaving on a jet plane for Mexico! Gonna get OUT OF THE SNOW!

Actually, this trip has been planned for more than 5 months. A large portion (14 to be precise) of Sweet Hubby's family all went in together to rent a 6-bedroom mansion on it's own private beach for a week on the Yucatan Peninsula.

It comes with not only it's own private beach (with lounge chairs, hammocks, great snorkeling, kayaks, and palm trees), but it also has 2 swimming pools, a hot tub, a maid, and a cook.

Did I say it comes with a MAID and a COOK?

We got an Unbelievable deal on this place cos they were offering an awesome one, so it's even cheap. Heaven on earth, for cheap? And an opportunity to get the bones thawed in 80F degree weather, under palm trees? SOLD!!!!!

The only thing it's missing is a cute pool boy. All of us females going on the trip agree. It needs a cute pool boy-to bring us drinks and stuff. I tried to talk Sweet Hubby into this job, but he just wouldn't bite (said something about he'd rather be deep sea fishing..). My niece, Heidi, who is going with us, says one can be hired quite easily...so, we'll see what happens. Heh heh...

Now, rumor has it that this place also has a wireless connection to the internet. If it does, I will try, sort of, to pop in and post something because my husband's family can not go any where without their laptops (they have a serious addiction problem). But I'm not making any promises cos to be honest all I want to do is lay on the beach, knit, and drink tequila. My goal is to thaw the winter out of me. I'm leaving my laptop AND my cell phone home. I'm packing 3 swim suits. I will not be attainable. I am off the charts. I am on vacation!!!!

Take care while I'm gone.

Have a great 2 weeks.


  1. Oh my, sounds wonderful! Have a great time and think of us freezing back here! Send warm our way! lol

  2. p.s. Your knitting is gorgeous!

  3. Hope you have a great time! Lucky you!

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing your sock pattern on Socks From Stash. I'm knitting it up now, and it's beautiful. I gave you props on my blog.
    Thanks again!