"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Sleep Was Not an Option

Didn't get any sleep last night. Something was up with Morgan--well, actually, I was up with Morgan, all night. I swear, that dog is psychic. Somehow he must know I've made an appointment for him to see the vet. It's time for his Rabies shot, and I want to have something done about the cyst that just won't go away-the one he had surgery for early last year? It came back. Gonna have to have another surgery. And since I am well enough to handle taking care of him after something like that now... also, I want the doc to check his eyes again. (Someone suggested he might have Glaucoma, which can be helped with medication.) However, it's not until next Monday afternoon.

Anyway, he had to get up every 15 to 30 minutes to pee. Never seen anything like it in my life! I finally weighed the options:

1. Put his bed out in the living room, open doggy door, and take a chance on a coyote being in the neighborhood.

2. Stand in front of an open door on a freezing cold night waiting for a dog ----all---- night---- long.

I chose option one and went back to bed. Unfortunately, I got to listen to the doggy door slapping shut for the next hour. Then, thankfully, he finally settled down and went to sleep. Around 5 am I fell into a fitful sleep, dreaming about peeing, but it never stops. I'm just walking around, pee squirting out of me continuously. Even when I elegantly flapped my arms and took flight over a city. (The residents thought it was raining.) Totally weird weird weird. I woke up at 6am and decided sleep was not an option for my sanity. Now I have a raging headache.

Morgan seems to be okay now. He ate his breakfast, and now he's sleeping peacefully (the traitor!). If it starts up again (his peeing, that is) I shall call the vet and beg to be squeezed in today.

I finished knitting the second of the fingerless gloves last night. Hurray! I'm gonna wash them before I take pics for the blog. They just don't look all that great with coffee brown spots on them.

Next to be cast on: scarf and matching hat for nephew Robert. I got his name in the family gift draw. This will be the first time we've done this. Usually, we all go practically bankrupt every year in the gift category (my husband has a very large family). When one niece suggested the idea to try drawing one name each and doing just one gift-every one of us thought it is a FABULOUS idea. Especially with some of our family members having lost their jobs recently.

On Wednesday, after Knitwits, I headed over to Coeur d'Alene Yarn and Fiber and got some black Superwash Cascade 220. It is so soft, and I'm sure black is a color that Robert will like. I'm thinking garter rib. Just can't seem to get enough of that garter rib lately.

Have a good day.

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