"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


She's Got Talent!

The Knitwits meeting was great. Everything we made through out the year was brought to the meeting (several carloads full). Then it was put in bags according to the requests made (we need 12 hats, 60 afghans.....) and labeled for each organization. Reps from the orgs came and picked the bags up. All in all, it was kind of thrilling to see it happen. I got warm fuzzies from all the thank you's.

As expected, someone from the press was there. I actually got interviewed too. And they took my picture. I don't get the paper so I won't know if I'm actually in it, unless someone I know gives me a heads up. One of the questions I was asked is 'how much do I knit in a week?' Sheesh! How do I answer a question like that? I told him" a day does not go by that I don't pick up the needles". He found that fascinating.

The dessert was awesome. Terry made snowman cupcakes. They were so good, with cream cheese frosting. My favorite. They were so cute too.

Did have one disaster. Lois was sitting across the table from me. Cathy was sitting next to Lois. I was working on the fingerless gloves. I had both the finished one and the unfinished one sitting on the table, as well as the finished scarf I made last week. Me and Cathy went and got a cup of coffee. When we came back Lois accidentally knocked Cathy's coffee over. The brown wave was headed straight for me. Lois saw my projects in danger and started shoving them back as fast as she could from the brown wave-and succeeded in knocking my coffee over too-right onto the projects. The wave enlarged and dumped in my lap. Whoo! It was hot! I didn't know I could jump that fast.

Two cups in one minute. That's gotta be a record of some sort. I declared her most talented at the table.

After cleaning up the mess I teased Lois a bit to get her laughing. She felt terrible, but as I pointed out, it's superwash wool. Not a problem. Now, if it had been cashmere??? I'd have been arrested for murder!

Interesting experience knitting with coffee scented wet wool.

Have a great day.

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