"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Bad Tommy!

This morning Morgan got up with great enthusiasm. He even dashed around the back yard at the speed of an Italian Greyhound. He was feeling really good, and he was hungry! I gave the boys their little bowls of dog food. Morgan started eating with gusto. I left the room to visit the ladies room. When I came back, Morgan was cowering in the corner and Tommy was munching down Morgans breakfast.

Ah HA! Now I see the problem. Tommy has been giving Morgan food aggression. He's stealing Morgans breakfast, the little pig. Bad Tommy!

Whew! Glad it's that and not a health issue. I chased Tommy off and tried to get Morgan to eat. I had to put the food in a fresh bowl. Wouldn't touch it with Tommy's aggressive germs on it. He ate about half of it, while I held Tommy prisoner in my lap for awhile. I'm gonna have to play food security guard for a few days to nip this in the bud.

I spent about half my day, yesterday, putting up the Christmas tree with it's new lights.

I put the cats outside first, or they'd have been continually getting in the way. They absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas tree. They get so excited when I open the box. So, anyway, the tree is up with lights on it. Whew! What a job that is when I have to do it by myself. I miss having the girls home to help me. The rest will have to wait until later. The cats are pleased. I am enjoying the new lights. I can't believe that I'm getting my tree up this late. I usually have it up the day after Thanksgiving. Too many other things have been distracting me.

There is sunshine outside. Hi sun! I've missed you. It's been foggy and rainy the last few days. We don't have snow on the ground though. We did over the weekend for about 24 hours, then it melted. It's kind of weird to have bare ground in December. I'm enjoying it though, while I can. (heh heh)

I have my Knitwits meeting today. Looking forward to it. The December meeting is when we distribute everything we've made to the various organizations we knit for. The press will probably be there, so I'm gonna dress up just a tad. Slacks instead of jeans, and whatnot. I will take the scarf to turn in, and I think I'm going to knit on the fingerless glove during the meeting. Gotta get those Christmas gifts done.

Have a good day.

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