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Recreational Beading

Okay, here it is. The coconut cream pie I baked yesterday.

It is, by far, the most perfect coconut cream pie I have ever made. The house smelled absolutely wonderful the rest of the day too. All coconuty and all. The recipe can be found here:

It tastes fantastic (I've made it before) and it's super easy to make. I did make one change, in case your interested. Instead of using a frozen crust, I used a fresh one (natch!). So instead of baking for the first 30 minutes on the bottom rack, I just went ahead and put it on the center rack for the whole baking time.

After posting yesterday I got a call from my SIL Sue, who's house we are going to for Christmas Eve dinner. She is totally stressed out and she was in a panic. She'd just discovered her sons girlfriend didn't put her name in the family Christmas present drawing and she's gonna be here for Christmas, sharing it with the Park family (The girl has guts-that makes her a winner in my book) and we're all exchanging our gifts at the dinner and..... Well, heck. Sue needed a hug in the worst way, but there was the phone system between us, so I did the next best thing. I volunteered to take care of the nephews girlfriend gift. Last night, I whipped this up. After all, I was looking for some recreational beading, right? And what girl does not like jewelry?

A simple tennis bracelet made with seed beads and Swarovski crystals. Believe me, it sparkles way more in real life than it does in this picture! I used Sandra Halpenny's pattern, with a couple modifications. I put 3 beads in the horizontal sections instead of 2, and I added a bead between the squares along the side edges after I beaded the length I wanted.

The bracelet took about an hour to make. It was 2 hours before bed time. More time for recreational beading!

As I wrote last week, I've been sort of drooling over the fringed beads made by the writer of the blog businka-lisa and I want to learn how to make them. I found instructions in one of my beading books. However, businka-lisa actually has a tutorial showing how she makes them herself (Thanks to Linda in my Learn2Bead group for finding it for me!). I decided to try that method, which is quite different from the book method. It's all in Russian, but the Google translater did a fair job of turning enough of it into English and the pics are so good that I was able to figure it out quite easily.

You start by covering a bead in peyote stitch. This is the first time I've done it-covered a bead in peyote, that is. I'm quite pleased with the results.

Now, her tutorial is for an 18mm core bead, and she uses size 11 Czech seed beads. I have 20mm wooden beads that I bought to cover. I also have a HUGE supply of Japanese size 11's, which are just a little bit larger.

So I just did the pattern as instructed, hoping the increased size of the Japanese beads would make up for the slightly larger core bead. I did have to add 4 extra rounds of straight up beading in the center (before the decreases), but the width worked out perfectly.

It's turned out so pretty I'm reluctant to cover it with fringe. It was a lot of fun to make too. I think I'll go on a beaded bead binge for awhile.

More snow today. Sweet Hubby has taken the rest of the week off. He's outside right now blowing, shoveling, and plowing. We're gonna shovel the roof on the weekend.

Have a great Christmas Eve, and stay warm (or cool if you live in Australia).

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