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Jack Frost is a Mean Little Creature

It rained on Sunday. Melted at least half the snow we had. Sweet Hubby got all the snow moved out of our way. Yesterday the snow returned, with a vengeance! I got to drive in it when I went to get my weekly blood test in the morning. Oh what fun that was-NOT!

We got a foot of it by mid afternoon, then it rained for 20 minutes making it all weigh a ton, then it froze. My daughters car got stuck at the end of the driveway in the berm made by the snowplow whipping by. Took us quite awhile to get it unstuck. I'm so sick of shoveling snow I could cry.

One of the big news stories on last night news featured whining folks in Spokane having a fit cos they have to drag their garbage cans to the street cos the garbage trucks can’t go down the alleys due to snow? The gal they interviewed was way younger than me. I had to scream at the tv “You want some cheese with that whine?!” The distance from the alley to the street is about 1/4th the distance we drag our garbage can to the street every single week, no matter how much snow there is (and we have a hell of a lot more than they do). We don’t have an alley. It’s to the street or forget it. I have no sympathy.

The record breaking snowfall is having some very devastating effects in the area though. Roofs started collapsing right and left yesterday, including the roof of the popular Rosaures grocery store in Spokane. Fortunately, no one got hurt. They heard popping noises, a couple ceiling tiles came down, and everyone ran for the door-in a calm and orderly way. Everyone was out before it all came crashing down. I'm so glad Sweet Hubby got our roof shoveled over the weekend.

Right now we're having a little break, but the next storm is on it's way. It will be here in a few hours. In fact, it's gonna snow for the next several days.

I did get some good news this morning. I can now go in every 2 weeks, instead of every week, for my blood tests. Hurray!

I have been working on my Bayerische sock. I got one whole pattern repeat done. It is getting easier for me.

I was going to title this entry The Christmas Present That Did Not Come. I ordered a present for Sweet Hubby on December 17, which I paid $30 extra to have it shipped 3-day so it would get here before Christmas. Should have been here on the 22nd at the latest. Haven't seen hide nor hair of it. I called the company today and they say UPS claims to have delivered it to me on the 24th. I was home all day, and though it was possible it could have been buried in the snow on the front porch, it was all shoveled off over the weekend and there was no box hiding in it. Besides, I was home all day, hoping the truck would show up. There is NO way it got in our driveway without Tommy letting me know. He's our official UPS truck alert system. Anyway, they are going to ship another one. There is a little part of me that kind of hopes that come spring time we find a box buried. If so, I'll call the folks I ordered it from and let them know.

Have a great day.


  1. This winter is turning out to be a major annoyance to most of the north half of the country. No matter how much "winter" a region is used to having, they're getting more, so everyone is complaining.

    I consider myself winter tolerant, at least until the end of February. But it's not even January yet and I've had ENOUGH!

    That rain on the snow thing, making snow too heavy to shovel, it the pits. And it takes forever to melt. We actually had 24 hours of temps over 50 and ours didn't completely melt. We have about 4 inches of glacier left as a base for the next snowfall coming tonight. sigh

  2. We got buried about 10 days ago. My DH, boys and I would go out every 4 hours during the storm to shovel out. Then this week it was 60 degrees and almost everything melted! All that shoveling and it melted! My husband did buy a roof rake to pull the snow off the roof. Worked pretty well but was still hard work! Usually I like winter until about February but I'm like you this year...I want Spring now!!!