"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


WIP Wednesday 7/23/08

It's a fast knit, but only if you work on it. I finally got back to working on my 2nd Charade sock last night.

I have a beading wip too. I've been hankering to do a Cellini spiral in turquoise and copper, with a bit of black. For some reason I'm in a turquoise/copper phase. I wonder if I could find some sock yarn in those two colors. Hmm....

On Monday Ruth and I went to see the new Batman movie, Dark Knight (that was our 'something fun to do'). I wanted to see Keith Ledgers last movie performance. Wow.....just..wow!

Not a movie to take the young ones to. It's dark, gloomy, and down right scary. Halfway through I was starting to think I didn't want to see any more (I don't like scary movies), but the Joker was so captivating I couldn't stop watching. He scared the bajeebers out of me. The evilest nastiest bad guy I've ever seen. I don't like being scared at movies, but when I left the theater I felt like I'd just seen the best Batman movie ever.

It rained yesterday. We needed the rain. The air has been so smoky with the fires over in Washington that it was starting to blot out the mountains. Fire danger has been pretty high here too. My biggest fear of living in the woods-wild fires. It was nice to have some rain.

Today the air is clean again, and it's nice and cool. It's supposed to rain off and on for a bit, then clear up and be sunny the rest of the week.

Have a great day.

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