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The Case for Global Warming-Fails

Okay, I've decided I am that mean. This is what greeted me yesterday morning when I got up.

Our driveway

This Junco was huddled under the edge of the roof of the feeder, trying to stay out of the snow. Poor little guy.

We got about 2 inches of snow. Later in the afternoon, it warmed up and melted all the new snow. We are not making headway on the old snow though. I took these two pics this morning. Some areas are deep, some areas are completely melted-like directly under the pine trees. My poor birch and plum, though. Sigh...

This fenced area is my veggie garden. Double sigh....

I did go into Coeur d'Alene yesterday. They don't have nearly as much snow as we do. It amazes me how different our weather is from everyone else's around.

I did have a wonderful lunch with my friends. Sally liked the earrings. I am pleased.

Dear Snow Fates:

Reason 1 for moving to Australia. Really cute Koala's.

I'll help you pack.

Have a great day.

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  1. That's the way it is here. New snow comes down, new snow melts the next day, but the packed glacier remains.

    It's supposed to hit 60 degrees on Monday, April 1. We are going to make it through the entire month of March without ever hitting 60 degrees. That certainly validates your claim that global warming fails. ICE AGE NOW!!