"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman



According to the calendar, today is March 29th. MARCH 29TH!

As I write this, it's about 20 minutes to 8 am. There is a foot of new snow on the ground that fell overnight, and it's still coming down like crazy. I have the tv on. I'm watching the news on KXLY. The big story is the snow. But, at the moment, they're doing a story on proper fertilization of your spring lawn.


I opened the front door at 6:30 this morning to let the boys out to do their business. This is the sight that greeted us.

It's so deep they couldn't go out. I tried the back door first. When you are only 16 inches tall, and most of you is skinny legs, well....Tommy tried. He got stuck before he got to the bottom of the steps. I had to rescue him. So I thought it would be not so bad at the front. Usually, it isn't. Sigh.

It's drifting really bad. The boys refuse to go outside at the moment. Sweet Hubby is sleeping and refusing to wake up (I know he's faking it). I have no idea where the snow shovels are. I'm hoping they don't decide to use the floor.

I was planning on going to the annual Spin In today. It's being held in Coeur d'Alene at the fair grounds. A whole day of spinning, knitting, and fun fun fun. That's my car on the other side of hubbies pick up truck.

This is the driveway, with the front porch railing to give you a perspective on depth.

Of course, the real problem is the street out front. Will they even plow today?



Now, back to the regularly scheduled post. Yesterday afternoon, as the temps dropped and the sky darkened, I heard Chenille come through the doggy door. She had a new toy in her mouth. Apparently she decided it was too cold outside to play with it and was planning on playing with it indoors. I turned, and looked, just as she let a mouse loose in the living room. Aw man. Just what I needed. Not.

I was surprised at how quick I was to react. So fast I surprised Chenille. I grabbed one of my purple fuzzy slippers, turned it sole side up, and used it like a cup to trap the mouse. Then I grabbed a sock that was lying on the floor nearby and used it to pick up the mouse. Then I grabbed my camera. All this so fast the poor little thing didn't have a chance to know what was happening.

Chenille's new toy.

I donned my boots, took a stroll outside (it wasn't snowing yet), then let it go in the woods. When I got back in the house Chenille got a huge piece of my mind. (Aren't those little pink toes just the cutest?)


Oh phooey! It's supposed to snow all day and tomorrow too. I'm sorry Marguerite. If there was anything I could do about this I would.

I'm about ready to give up on the Spin In. Sob..


Dear Snow Fates,

Reason number 2 for moving to Australia: Wouldn't this place look cool with snow on top?

Sweet Hubby says he'll help you pack too.

I suppose it's not politically correct to drown my sorrows in a bottle of Rum at 8am.

I hope you have a better day than I'm gonna have.

Off to find the snow shovel....

ETA 8:34 am.

Sweet Hubby says I can't go to Spin In. They are having accidents all over on the roads. It's so slick people are doing 360 spinouts on the freeway doing 5 miles per hour.


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  1. You win! I concede. Your winter is worse than my winter. Much worse. You whopped me in the worst winter sweepstakes.

    Now that the contest is over, maybe we can both have some spring. Preferably by next Wednesday when I arrive in Northern Idaho.

    Good catch on the mouse. I am so impressed.