"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


WOW! Entry for March

Time for the monthly WOW! Sock Club entry from my stash.

The last time I was in Harmony Yarns I picked this up. I'm not familiar with Pagewood Farms sock yarns. I've been wanting to try a sock yarn with bamboo in it, though, and this stuff has that-and, of course, it's in shades of purple, the color name being Prism. It's 70% Merino, 20% Bamboo, and 10% Nylon. It's a 4oz skein with 450 yards. What I don't know is if it's Superwash wool. It doesn't say on the label, and their web site is totally useless for finding that out. I guess I will email them.

I'm planning on trying the Pomatomus pattern, which was written by Cookie A and can be found on Knitty.

I did not get much done on the Jaywalker last night. I unknit almost just as much as I knit. I think all this snow has discombobulated me. You know, there were actually school closures and delays this morning? They aren't plowing the roads cos they already put all the equipment away for the year. (So get the #%$^%$ equipment back out!) It's driving me CRAZY!

Dear Snow Fates,


Have a good day.


  1. I am confused as to how you could have snow and I have 80 degree sun shine. Actually, I think the snow would be cool. But that's because it doesn't ever snow here. Ever.

  2. Gorgeous yarn - Pomatomus will be beautiful in it!

  3. What were they thinking putting the equipment away? If there was ever a way to invite the Snow Fates to dump snow, it's to put the equipment away.

    That yarn is gorgeous. I may have to have a little visit to Harmony while I'm in Idaho - unless there's too much snow to drive around. I didn't get chains on my rental. Hope that doesn't get the Snow Fates going.