"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Random Ramblings on a Sunday Morning

2 days 'til Tuesday.

I just want to state the truth here and now. I did not 'force' Marguerite to go to the yarn store with me. I asked her if she'd like to go and she said yes. Of course, with some of us, just the mention of a yarn store is like grabbing us, chaining us to a bumper, and dragging us to it. We're going against our will. The brain is screaming NO NO NO, but the body wants yarn regardless of what the brain is saying to it. I know how that feels. Hee hee..... I've found myself kicking and screaming at myself as I drive myself to the yarn shop to look at yarn. I know I'm gonna buy some too, even though I don't want or need to. Sheesh! If you could see the size of my stash already! It will take the rest of my life just to knit the Opal sock yarn stash I've got squirreled away. And yet--I keep buying sock yarn.

I guess I owe Marguerite an apology. Sorry Marguerite.

Speaking of Opal sock yarn. I am doing something kind of.... fun I guess. On Ravelry there is lots of ways to find and exchange yarn with other Ravelers. I've come across a gal who lives in Sweden who has a skein of Opal Toucan (from the Rainforest II collection) who doesn't want it anymore and is seeking to trade with someone who does want it. I do. So we've negotiated a trade. I'm sending her my periwinkle blue Speckles (a long discontinued color) in return for her Toucan. I find this whole thing rather exciting.

Yesterday I spent several hours working on the second Garter Rib sock-while watching DVD's of course. I've got all the way past the heel and am almost done with the gusset. I am quite pleased with it too. The stripe pattern is matching exactly. However, seeing some of the sock put out on other folks blogs, I am asking myself why it takes so long for me to knit a pair of socks? I'm a fast knitter-when it comes to actually making the stitches. Maybe I'm just enjoying the process more or something.

It is so dark here this weekend. Besides the cold and the wet of winter, I also hate the dark. I'd forgotten how dark it is at this time of year. By 3pm I have to turn the lights on in the house. (by mid December the sun will be setting around 4pm) But this weekend it's been extra dark because of thick dark rain clouds dumping on us. Not that I don't want the rain, I do! We need it. I just wish it wasn't so dark. Maybe I should get out the Christmas lights and start decorating the inside early. I am wondering, though, why we don't have snow yet. Usually, by now, we do.

Last night the wind was blowing and I couldn't believe how warm it was. Makes one believe in the global warming, not that I don't. I actually do believe in the global warming theory. I just don't agree with some of the ideas of what's causing it. If you really want to hear a rant on global warming, mention it to my brother in law Chet. He's a scientist extraordinaire (in fact, he's our real life CSI guy too). I love listening to him talk about it. He's fascinating. He's also the biggest defender of CO2 I've met. Go Chet!

Sweet Hubby has approved the ordering of new Christmas decorations for the inside of the house. (If one of us is going to spend more than 100 bucks on something frivolous, we talk to each other first. It's just the courteous thing to do.) We live in a double wide manufactured home with an amazingly open floor plan-which is what made me fall in love with it. We have really high ceilings with a long beam that stretches the whole length of the house. I like to hang garland along that beam. This year I've ordered some garland from Lillian Vernon. It's going to look so pretty hanging on that beam. Fake pine tree with lights, pepper berries, real cedar sprigs, white star flowers, pine cones, and red and green plaid bows. It should be arriving some time the end of this week.

Oh yes, daughter Ruth arrived safely with the grandkitty. She is so cute. I will take pics of her today. Her entrance into the house, though, has caused all kinds of trouble. Of course, Silver and Chenille are being total snobs. Won't even give her the time of day, the little warts.

Morgan was curious. He's sniffed her a bit, but for the most part, is leaving her alone.

Tommy--well, we all know how 'smart' he is. He's so excited he can't stand it! He wants to play with Lindamon in the worst way! But, as usual, he approached her the wrong way, by lunging and barking, just like dogs do when they want to play with each other. Lindamon interpreted his advances to mean "I want to tear you apart and eat you". She slashed his nose. Tommy yelped, Morgan attacked Tommy. I was able to stop the fight immediately, so no one got hurt. I wasn't expecting this kind of problem. We will have to keep an eagles eye on Morgan until the household is used to the new visitor. However, Tommy won't leave it alone. He paced around and around for hours last night in agitated restlessness. Poor guy. He just wants to make friends and play.

I've been surfing knitting blogs and have found some interesting information. Simple Knits has compiled a list of 314 triangle shawl patterns available free or to purchase, listed by yardage needed to make the shawls.

Knittychick has compiled a list of 598 (and counting) free sock patterns available on the internet.

I wonder how many socks I'd be able to get done in a month if I didn't surf the web?

Have a great day.


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. That must have been exciting to see Pierce in person! And a movie shot near your home...wow...we have had Kevin Smith's films shot right here in my town (Clerks and Chasing Amy) plus the Sopranos were always shooting at the shore. Can't compare to Pierce though!
    I agree you have to go to yarn stores. It is impossible not to go, the need to touch yarn is too strong to ignore. Have a great week!

  2. No need for an apology. I want to go back there!