"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Caution: Cuteness Ahead

One day 'til Tuesday.

I wasn't so sure I'd be able to post pics of Lindamon because my camera is not behaving properly, but I finally got it working. I have a Sony Mavica 400. It takes wonderful pictures, but I've been using it a LOT ever since I got it a few years ago (twas a Christmas present from Sweet Hubby) and it's showing signs of wearing out. I'm hoping Santa will bring me a new camera. I've been a good girl this year, really, I have.

Introducing Grandkitty Lindamon. Isn't she cute? She is kind of strangely colored. She's sort of a pale ginger with a hint of green. Yes, I said green. I've never seen anything like it--at least, not on a cat. I love her little pink nose.

A very proud Mommy.

Mommy and fur child.

Playing in Mommy's lap.

Lindamon is a real sweety. She loves to cuddle and she's very well trained. She loves her Mommy very very much. Spends as much time as she can in Ruth's lap, snoozing.

She is not getting along with my fur kids though. And now my cats are expressing their discontent to have a 3rd kitty in the house. Chenille actually peed on the living room carpet this morning--on purpose! She meowed to get my attention before squatting to do it. I soaked her head with a squirt bottle full of water in return. Then I tossed her outside. We'll see if she does that again!

That's the end of today's cuteness.

There was a family meeting this weekend (I didn't attend). Besides real business (property management issues), the subject of the moose problem was discussed. They don't believe my complaint has been taken seriously by Fish and Game. They had said someone would call me and come out to the house in the next day or two. That has not happened. Apparently a solution was presented. Sweet Hubby came home and announced we needed to go to a sporting goods store. We went. He bought me this.

It's a paint ball/bee bee pistol. Came with some ammunition and an extra sight. He also bought me a small jar of yellow paint balls. I am supposed to shoot any and all moose with paint balls, in an attempt to scare them away. Ummmm...okaaaaaaaaaay.

I'd never shot a pistol before. I've shot lots of rifles and shotguns. I am pretty good too. I can shoot a quarter off a fence at 50 feet (as long as the sun glints off it so I can see it), but I'd never shot a pistol before. I wasn't expecting to be able to hit anything with it. I was wrong. I nailed my target (a rust spot on the old water heater sitting out back) on the first shot. I nailed it on every shot. Okay, I guess I can shoot a pistol.

Call me the Moosinator!

There was knitting progress. I am about halfway down the foot of the Garter Rib sock. I am so pleased with how nicely the stripe pattern is matching up.

On other fronts, over the weekend I managed to leave my car door open, just enough to drain the battery. I'm so glad we own a trickle charger. I need to take my Opal yarn to the post office for it's trip to Sweden.

We got a skiff of snow last night. Just enough to make the front steps slicker than slick. Winter has arrived.

Have a good day.


  1. OK, I'm trying to imagine this.

    What part of the moose are you supposed to hit? Or, in your case since you're a good shot, what part of the moose are you planning to hit?

    Then, what is the moose going to do?

    Do the paint balls sting? Is the moose going to know you hit it?

    I can hardly wait to hear more about this. :-)

  2. Wow, the last time I heard about Moose my grandma had to "push them out of the way to go to school" of course those were Canadian moose. I live in Texas now. I don't think we have any moose down here.

  3. I love the socks.

    I hope I sometime get to see the moose with the paintball stains on the side.

  4. That paintball gun looks like that's how they should have redesigned the original Nintendo gun if they wanted to get rid of the orange.