"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Today is Tuesday

I've heard from the nice fellow at Starwest Satellite. He informs me this is his second moose call. I said, "Oh, that first one was probably me. I had you guys out in September because of moose damage" He said, "No, actually, it wasn't. I got called out to a job where the moose had bent the pole the dish was on right over onto the ground." Oh--wow! I'm awed. Anyway, he'll be here in the next couple hours or so.

I really enjoyed the comments for yesterdays post. Heh heh. Marguerite has valid questions, which I shall attempt to answer here.

What part of the moose are you supposed to hit? Or, in your case since you're a good shot, what part of the moose are you planning to hit?

Well, the rump is pretty big and easy to see. So I'm planning on aiming that way.

Then, what is the moose going to do?

I have no idea. Theoretically, according to hubby and his brother, it should make the moose run away. However, I've hit moose with rocks, and even smacked one with a broom once (I was totally insane for doing that, I know), and it didn't cause any running away--at least, not the moose. I was the one who did the running.

Do the paint balls sting?

When you hit a human with one, yes. They sting a lot! That's why paint ball gun enthusiasts wear padding and a face mask when they 'play'. Apparently, this whole idea came from brother in law Dan (hubby's twin brother). They live on the other end of the Parkarosa. They are having extreme trouble with deer. So he got a paint gun and some purple paint balls. He's been shooting them at the deer. It's working really well, which explains why I'm seeing a sudden increase in deer hanging out around my house. I will have to check them for purple spots on their backsides.

Is the moose going to know you hit it?

Ummm...You've hit the big nail on the head. Somehow, I don't think so. They've got pretty thick skins. They don't seem to mind much when Sweet Hubby hits them with rocks the size of his fist-a fact he seems to have forgotten.

The way I see it, Sweet Hubby and Sweet Brother in Law are always trying to keep up with each other in the toy department. If we get the big screen tv, they get the big screen tv. If they get the surround sound system, we have to get the surround sound system. If we get hd tv, they have to get hd tv.... you get the picture. Dan has a paint ball gun. Therefore we must have a paint ball gun. (Dan has a brand new dvr receiver too. Guess what I've been told to order?)

One thing I will say. We're gonna have some darn pretty deer around here.

Paint balls are fairly harmless. The paint is non-toxic and biodegradable. It will wash off in the rain. I don't think it will hurt to try. I'm shooting from the safety of my door though, so I can step back and slam it shut should the need arise.

(Hello, 911. I've been trapped in the bathroom by an angry moose. Yes, it broke down my front door and chased me in here. Please help!)

I have finished an ornament cover.

This is Filigree from Karen DeSousa's book Accent On: The Heirloom Collection. I used matte teal ab size 11 Japanese seed beads and Chinese round crystals in size 4 and 12mm. I also altered the pattern just a bit so it would lay flatter over the ornament, and added one more swag at the bottom. It was sort of a combo of netting and brick stitch. This is not a pattern for the faint of heart. In fact, it is one of the most difficult beading patterns I've ever done. It was even harder to teach a class on it--which I did last week. Course, I was handicapped by the fact that the students didn't have the book (cos someone-not me-forgot to order them). So, I would recommend less experienced beaders get a bit more experience under their belts before trying this one.

I found another web site full of links to free sock patterns. It's called Boogie Knits.

Have a good day.

ETA: He's here! He's here!

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  1. I got all excited when I read your last line, "He's here! He's here!" thinking you meant the moose.

    Then sanity reigned, and I realized you were talking about the dish repair guy.

    Oh well. More fun for you, but your readers would have had much more fun reading about the moose. :-)

    Seriously, I hope the dish is all fixed. Don't get so busy watching TV you miss a good moose shot.