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Pics from the Parkarosa

These are some pics I took around the Parkarosa yesterday and this morning.

My husband is a genius! A couple weeks ago or so I mentioned we got some 10 ft. flowering cherry trees from Home Depot at the incredible price of $19 apiece. Here is one of them. Sweet Hubby has figured out a way to protect them from the Moose carnage. It's kind of hard to see, but he put a tube of fence wire on top of four 1x1 'legs' around the tree. He put one around the Honey Crisp Apple tree too. So now my baby trees are safe from harm.

I am forced to do it. I must say goodbye to summer. Sigh. This group of Choke Cherries across the road from the mailbox talked me into giving up the denial. The pine needles all over the lawn in the above picture helped too. Ponderosa Pines drop needles like deciduous trees drop leaves. They just don't drop all of them. That's how they keep their little puffballs of needles on the ends of each branch, even though the branches grow longer each year. Out with the old, in with the new.

I think I can pick that top right one now. Really, as tomato plants go, this is pretty pathetic. But it has fruit that is almost ripe! That is a small wonder. Growing them on the deck is working. We've had several frosty mornings now and they're still alive and well. If they'd been in the garden, I'd have lost them weeks ago.

One of the Chrysanthemums refuses to give up. I appreciate it's courage.

The new railing on the deck. It is so pretty. I'm very very impressed with my husbands building skills. I especially like the little copper decoration he put on the newel post. Chenille jumped up there as soon as she saw the camera pointed this way. She loves to pose for pics. Ignore the junk in front of the deck. We're not done with it yet. There is trim to install.

Such a diva!

Silver was warming himself in the morning sun, with his usual dignity.

This pic was taken Monday morning. Proof! that Chenille is not really afraid of Tommy. She likes to let him think she is. But, when it came to the warm blankie on a chilly morning, on the couch with Daddy, all bets were off.

I'm on to you my fine feline friend.

Have a great day.

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