"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Some Semi and Finished Objects (FO's)

I got the camera out for todays post.

Here are the sleeves for the baby aran cardigan. Aren't they cute? I need to block and sew the sweater together. Then I'll be able to put on the collar and button bands.

This is the current state of my swimsuit cover. 17 inches of lace. I get to shape armholes next.

This is one of the two cabs I did as sample models for the beaded cabochon class I taught recently. Daughter Ruth helped pick the colors for the beads. The transparent pinky/peachy sort of color was a stroke of genius on her part. I'm in the process of making a 3-bead netted strap to hang it on using those and some size 15's in the red color of the triangles.

This is a pink quartz cab someone gave me. I decided to go with pink, blue, and silver beads for this one. I love the little silver picot edging in size 15's. However, this cab is just a little too plain for my taste. So I'm going to embellish it somehow. Maybe a peyote ribbon, and flowers, or something.

I just finished this netted ornament cover last night. I started it while teaching a class on making netted ornament covers last Saturday. I like to bead along with the students. It makes it easier to explain what they need to do.

This is the shirt I did the bead embroidery on. I bought this shirt last spring to do just this on it. However, it took something major to motivate me to actually get it done, didn't it? A sudden private lesson. Heh heh....

Here is a detail close up. I back stitched the beads on, going forward 3, backward 2. I used size 11 seeds in opaque black and silver-lined dark teal, and some size 8 copper triangles. I am very happy with the color combination. It's fun adding a little bling to something plain, and this was so easy!

That's all for now.

Have a nice evening.

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