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Hey! Get Away From That Dish!

A couple nights ago Sweet Hubby and I were watching the Colbert Report on the Comedy Central channel. Tommy started acting weird. First, he paced back and forth back and forth. Then he started circling the couch like a shark--around and around. Then he went over to the back door and sniffed at the bottom of it. Then he was circling and sniffing, circling and sniffing. Finally, I said to Sweet Hubby "There must be something outside." Sweet Hubby said "I'll go check." and out he went. After he stepped outside, we lost the satellite signal on the television. A minute later Sweet Hubby came back in and said "Where's the flashlight?" I handed it to him, then stepped out in the dark with him. You could hear the strangest sound down the hill-like someone banging metal pipes together. Antlers and Nubs were visiting. Antlers was banging his antlers on the satellite dish! Our dish hasn't been working quite right now. We're having trouble getting the HD channels.

I am trying to work up the courage to call Dish Network and ask for a repairman to come out and check our dish because "a moose broke it".

Have a good day.

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