"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman



I decided to skip Friday's Feast this weekend. I didn't have the time or the inclination.

We have new visitors to the Parkarosa Wildlife Motel. Eight young turkeys showed up in the back yard Friday morning. We haven't had turkeys in my yard in years. We can thank Silver for that (said with sarcasm). In the mid 90's we used to have a couple who had babies every year. But then Silver decided he liked turkey and killed a whole brood for his eating pleasure. The turkey couple moved out. Actually, they moved down the road about a mile west of us. So I get to see them on occasion, if they're near the road as I drive by. (They avoid my place like the plague.) This year they had 8 babies. Those babies have grown big enough that Silver wouldn't even think about trying to catch one. Now they're coming by for visits. It's rather exciting. Wild turkeys are so beautifully colored. When the sun hits their feathers just right you can see every color of the rainbow. I've tried getting pics of them, but they are very very shy (and rightfully so-this being Silver the Turkonators house) so as soon as they see me they take off.

On Saturday we had a family bar-b-que at nephew Scott and Stacy's house. It was a combination Labor Day weekend annual family get together/birthday party for nephew Nathan (he's 11 now!). I had a good time. Lots of laughing, and loads of good food as usual. I love to sit and listen to my favorite guys talk. That would be Sweet Hubby, his brothers, and the adult nephews. They have such fascinating and humorous conversations.

Yesterday Sweet Hubby decided he's going to finish the deck. It still needs railings. Railings are important for the upper deck because it's 5 feet high and the Iggy's want to jump off it. Iggy's have very slender legs that break easily, and vet bills for fixing said legs run in the thousands of dollars. I do not want them jumping off the deck! We went to Home Depot for supplies.

Home Depot is having a clearance sale on all their trees. I've been wanting to replace the two trees the moose killed last year. They had two gorgeous 10 foot tall flowering cherries for $19.88 each. Now I have two gorgeous 10 foot tall flowering cherries. I also picked up some chrysanthemums to plant where the pansies got eaten. I'm hoping they're spicy enough that no one will want to eat them. You may wonder where I got that idea? The marigolds have gone untouched all summer long. They smell similar to chrysanthemums. I can hope.......if it doesn't work, I'll know not to get them again.

On the knitting front-I made great progress on my cover up back. In fact, I had 13 inches done-until yesterday morning when I discovered that 6 inches back I had screwed up the stitch pattern MAJORLY! Bad enough that I absolutely could not live with it. The only way to fix it was to tink back. So, I'm back to where I started the last time I posted a progress report. Sigh....2 days of knitting wasted. Oh well. As we knit, so shall we rip.

We got the third clue for the mystery sock, so I've knit the heel flap and turned the heel. I'm working on the gusset now.

I also did some beading. I'm working on a Cellini spiral in shades of blue. I want to teach a class on the subject, so I'm going to make up a bracelet to show Gayle. Hopefully, we'll schedule it for some time in October.

We're going camping next weekend. This will be our first camping trip without our kids, and after school has started. Hubby said something about it being the last camping trip after July's family group camp. I said it didn't have to be. We are footloose and fancy free. We can camp in the early fall when the kids are back in school if we want to. Imagine a campground free of noisy children. We're going to try a park on the St. Joe river, south of St. Mary's. Rumor has it the fishing is good, so I'm taking my pole and my kayak.

Well, I've got trees and chrysanthemums to plant. Have a great day!

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  1. I thought the Friday's Feast questions were totally annoying this week and also skipped them.

    It may be just me with lack of sleep and what seems like endless intrusion into my formerly peaceful, country life.