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Sarah's Graduation! Hooray!

Whew! We made it through the weekend. Sarah has officially graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in Computer Science, Suma Cum Laude, Gold Key scholar, McNair scholar, and Tau Beta Pi scholar. She had a rainbow of cords round her neck. I am SO proud of her.

The day was gorgeously perfect. Warm, sunny, the campus is in full spring bloom. So many beautiful blooming trees, and the sweet smells that drifted on the air. The ceremony itself was somewhat laborious. It was 4 hours long, on bleachers. Not a good thing for parent aged persons backs. 1700 graduated had to be announced one by one, hands shaken by the university president. Takes a long time to get through that many people. Thankfully, I took my bead crochet along with my camera. It fit just perfect in the case. I got a good 10 inches done between applause, cheering, and whatnot (we were there for Sarah's friends too).

Here's Sarah.

This is a family pic taken outside the Kibbie Dome shortly after the ceremony was over. From left to right: sister Ruth, Dad, Sarah, Frank (Sarah's boyfriend), Me.

Another family pic. From left to right, Me, Frank, Dad (in back) Sarah, sis Ruth, Uncle Dan, cousin Nathan, and Aunt Sue.

After the graduation we went to a short reception for the engineering department grads. We had cookies and punch. Then it was time to head back to Sarah's apartment. We had a bar-b-que out on the sidewalk in front of her apartment building with steaks, potato salad, strawberries, green salad, and german chocolate cake for dessert. It was so much fun. I had a blast. Sarah's neighbors must have thought we were all nuts though.

When lunch was over, we got to the task of packing Sarah's stuff and loading it into the Uhaul truck she rented for the move to her apartment in Coeur d'Alene. It was a big job. She lived on the 3rd floor-no elevator. So there was much stair climbing. We got it all done in just one afternoon. Then we all headed for home.

I was anxious to get my boys back. I was missing them. I'd left them with my nephew Scott and niece Stacy. First time I've done that, so I was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing. I knew Scott and Stacy would take good care of the boys. I just wasn't so sure how the boys would take care of them. As it turned out, they were very good and were much enjoyed by all. I am so relieved.

Now I am letting my body recover from all that stair climbing. We don't have a lot of stairs at home, so it was quite a task dealing with them. I was so sore yesterday I could hardly walk.

I am going to be posting more graduation pics in my Yahoo Photo album later this week. So feel free to check it out.

Today Ruth is somewhere between here and Nevada. She left yesterday morning on a Geology field trip. She'll be gone for 3 weeks. I miss her already. But I know she is going on a great adventure and it will be very good for her.

Today is bead group day. Sarah will be there. Woot!

Have a great day everybody.

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