"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Fridays Feast 5/11/07

Today is the first day of Get the Daughters from the University of Idaho weekend. So there will be no more blogging until we get back. Have a great weekend everybody.


Tell about a time when you had to be brave.

When I had to drive my sweet hubby to the hospital because he was in excruciating pain-so much so that he was banging his head on walls and cabinets to distract himself from it. It was terrifying to see him in that kind of agony. We found out his gall bladder was giving him the pain-it had died and was full of gangrene (we think from a bicycle accident he'd had a few weeks before), and one lung was full of fluid. He had to be in the hospital for a week. Not fun.

Which upcoming movie are you excited about seeing?

Pirates of the Carribean Part 3 of course!

Name an item you try to always have on hand.

My Albuterol inhaler, in case I have an asthma attack.

Main Course
Imagine the most relaxing room you can think of. Now describe it!

It's located on a beach on the island of Hawaii, decorated in island theme, purples and greens, with lots of big indoor plants, bamboo flooring, beautiful rugs on the floor, a huge stone fireplace (no fire at the moment cos it's warm out), big comfy overstuffed furniture, huge windows facing the water-all opening onto a patio surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden, with a gentle cooling sea breeze floating in, my leather hug (also known as a recliner) facing the open window with a small table beside it with the necessities of my current needling project sitting on it-as well as a tall ice cold Pinacolada with an umbrella, a cherry, and a slice of pineapple, a stereo is playing quiet Hawaiian music. I'm sitting in the leather hug-knitting by the sea. Sigh...................................pure heaven.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest), how spiritual or religious are you?

Oh, bad question. Can I go back to the Main Course? It's nicer there. Lots of nasty uncomfortable feelings come up with this dessert. Having grown up in a nasty religious cult and getting out of it 10 years ago, then having bad experiences with so called christian churches since then, I'd say I'm anti religious right now-so a 1.

Being religious and being spiritual are two way different things. I'd say I'm a 10 when it comes to spiritual.


  1. My husband and I are BOTH University of Idaho alumni!! Woo--Hoo!! Go Vandals!! Have a great weekend.

  2. Being spiritual and being religious ARE two different things...I agree! I am very involved in our church and I believe whole-heartedly in God, but I wouln't say I'm religious, either. That makes me think of bible-thumpin', holy-rollers.

    Anyway, good read. Have a good weekend!