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Camas or Canabis?

Monday morning Jean, Cindy, and I did our 2 mile walk. We felt adventurous, so we took on the hill challenge. We walked in Post Falls park. What a beautiful place! There are nice trails going up a small hill that overlooks the falls. The day was sunny with a gorgeous blue sky. The spring wildflowers are in full bloom. One in particular, light blue, star shaped, on tall stalks, was everywhere. Whole meadows of them. Being middle aged, we were hard pressed to remember what they're called, and again Jean and I commented on how we both own wildflower books and we really should be bringing them with us on these walks. We've said that every week for a month now-some day one of us will remember.

All I could remember is that the name started with C (which is more than C and J could remember-HA!), and hubby called them something that had to do with illegal drugs. From this, eventually one of us figured it out. Cindy said 'these couldn't be Camas could they?" Boing! The light went on. Camas! Hubby calls them Canabis (isn't that Marajuana?). I will have to make sure I let him know what they really are.

Camas is a wild onion, also known as the Indian Hyacinth. The Native Americans used it for food and grew fields of it in this area. I've been told that the Rathdrum Prairie was a sea of delicate blue in the spring time. What a sight that must have been!

We also saw Shooting Stars, Spring Beauty's, Fawn Lilies, lots and lots of blooming Service Berry bushes, wild Phlox, and even an apple tree. Apple blossoms are so beautiful with their bit of pale pink on white. Follow the links and you can find out more on these flowers.

When I got home from our walk, I had big plans for getting some yard work done. Ha! The hill had it's effect. Soon after arriving my hips started to ache in the worst way. I puttered in the house instead-wishing I was 20 years younger. Aging really does suck!

Today is bead group. Not sure what I'm going to work on. The May project of the month for the yahoo group I'm in is bead crochet-something I've been wanting to try for quite some time. I even started stringing beads on some thread last year. Maybe I'll take that with me. But then, there's the peyote strap I'm making for the current beaded knit amulet design I finished knitting over the weekend. Sigh...so many choices, so little time.

Have a great day!

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