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Navajo Spindle

How was your weekend? Mine was great!

Ruth came home for the weekend, but I was so busy I hardly saw her. She came home to raid our bank account for the supplies she needs for the geology field trip she'll be taking after school lets out (sis's graduation). She needed all kinds of fun stuff, like hiking boots "that will hold up to cactus spikes", compass, camping gear, paper that can be written on in the rain, pens that write in the rain, etc. Sounds like it's going to be a fun trip. Dear hubby took her shopping since I was unavailable. (Dear hubby LOVES to shop!)

On Saturday I did the second session of the choker-to-bracelet class. It went very very well. In fact, my student showed up with 2 to finish. She is enjoying the project immensely. By the end of the session she and I both were very confident she knows how to do the project just fine.

Gayle was there and we had a wonderful conversation on various subjects that would benefit her store. She's thinking about stocking polymer clay supplies. I would LOVE it if she decided to do that. I offered to teach classes should she decide to do so.

I'm going to be teaching a class on Saturday, May 26th, 2-4pm. The topic will be the Daisy Nepal bracelet I made. If you should live near Post Falls, Idaho and wish to take the class, contact Bead It at (208) 773-6423 for information.

Just before leaving for class I stopped and got the mail from my box. The new issue of Bead & Button was in it (cool!). Oh what a scrumptious issue. There are quite a few projects in it that I could teach classes on. I asked Gayle why she doesn't carry these magazines and she said she didn't want to get stuck with the leftovers. I can certainly understand that feeling, having felt the same way about some magazines I carried in my yarn shop. I told her if I taught classes using projects from the magazines, the students would be required to buy the magazine because I won't make copies of copyrighted material for hand outs. I suggested making models of the projects too. Models always sell magazines. I also suggested she contact the various publishers and see if they will take returns of unsold issues for credit. Some will. It never hurts to ask. Anyway, we had a good discussion on the subject of classes, and magazines.

On Sunday I packed my newly acquired Navajo Spindle, my Shetland roving, a lunch, and headed for the North Idaho fairgrounds. There was an Alpaca show going on (Pacific Northwest Alpaca Association I think) and they asked the guild if we'd send some spinners over to demonstrate during the show. I decided to go.

On the way to the fairgrounds I stopped at Black Sheep Sporting Goods and picked up one of those folding camping chairs that fit in the long tubular canvas bags. Try finding one without arms?! I couldn't have one with arms cos they'd get in the way of the spindle-which is leaned against the outside of the thigh and spun there. All of the chairs had arms. Not to worry--I found one that had arms that can be pushed back-with velcro straps to hold them in place so they stay out of the way. The chair is really comfortable too. I had to sacrifice the cup holder, but all in all a good buy at 15 bucks.

Now all I need is some kind of apron. Spinners wear aprons for some reason.

I'm glad I went because no one would have been there if I hadn't. At first, they seemed just a tad disappointed I didn't have a wheel. Then I told them I'd learned to spin just 2 weeks earlier. That made things worse. But when I showed them my spindle, they got very interested in it. Apparently, Navajo spindles are not well known.

They set me up in the market area, amongst the tables holding the silent auction items. A good place to be cos everyone was stopping by to see the tables. I had a wonderful time answering questions and chatting with folks (I am SO glad I read up on the subject of Navajo spindles before leaving that morning!). One little girl was absolutely fascinated by the spindle. She sat and watched me for a long time, but she didn't want to try it herself. A little too shy I think. I met a few really cool ladies too who were working the booths around me. All in all a very friendly bunch.

Best of all, one of the ladies gave me a 1 oz. roving of Alpaca. Oooooo....so soft! I'm going to have to come up with something special to make with it.

Have a good day!

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