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Honors Convocation

Yesterday dear hubby and I drove down to Moscow, Idaho to attend the annual Honors Convocation at the University of Idaho. This is a little event to honor the students who are doing excellent. This year, for the first, and sadly last, time BOTH my daughters are on the list. Sarah has straight A's, graduating in 3 weeks, Ruth is on the Deans list. I am so proud of both my daughters. The event consists of speeches (always interesting, I might add), music, and much applause in honor of the students, followed by cookies and punch (Yum! White chocolate and Macadamia Nuts!). This is the 3rd time we've attended. Missed last year because something more important came up.

The Honors Convocation, should you ever get the chance to go, is worth the 2 hour drive just to hear the music. The university Jazz Choir performs and it is an awesome thing to watch/listen/experience. You can not listen to this group and walk away feeling sad, bad, angry, or negative in any way shape or form. I can't help myself. Whenever I'm watching them perform, I have this great big huge ridiculous grin on my face, and tears are running down my cheeks. Joy radiates from every pore of my body. Their music moves me in ways no other has.

This year they performed 2 pieces, one a truly unique and inspiring piece called How Sweet the Sound. It was, in fact, an awesome version of the old hymn Amazing Grace. Listening to it made me want to get religion. Considering how anti-religion I am right now, that is truly "amazing".

Ruth has a huge responsibility. She has to remain on the Deans list until she graduates so I can go see the University of Idaho Jazz Choir perform at least a couple more times. Hmmm..I wonder if I could still attend after the kids have all graduated?

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