"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Ramblings Before I Go

 I'm heading for Mexico early tomorrow morning with hubby, his brother, and wife so I thought I'd do a quick post.

I have figured out what I'm taking for knitting. The Vespergyle mittens. 

I'm still working on the first mitten. It's very slow progress, which I realized while knitting on it last night that it's probably because my hands haven't completely healed from the drapery hemming incident yet. In the morning when I first get up all the tendons of both hands are sore and stiff. This has affected my knitting considerably. I find myself dropping stitches quite a lot, which is not normal. Fortunately, I'm finding them quickly before disaster happens and fixing them. Easy fixes actually. By the way, this is a fun knit.

I had a very nice Christmas and New Years celebration. I got a new Samsung Tablet for Christmas. Also the usual chocolates (yum!). My daughter Sarah and her husband gave me a device that is water proof and you put your phone in it so you can take underwater pictures. It will come in handy when we go snorkeling. She also gave me a high tech beach towel that soaks up lots of water and dries extra fast. I debate the drying, but perhaps I didn't have it in the right environment. I pre-washed it, as instructed on the label. It says to dry in the dryer on low, so I did but I put a couple other items in with it. After two cycles in the dryer, it still wasn't anywhere near dry. I think the moisture from the other items was preventing it from drying. Instead, it was soaking up the water from them, so I hung it up in the bathroom and it dried very quickly.

My daughter Ruth gave me a set of Star Trek glasses. They are awesome! I told her the red one will probably get broken first. Ha Ha. I have no plans to break any of them.

On Christmas day we went to my best friends house for food and fun, as usual. We had so much fun playing cards, and the food was outstanding. My BFF is a very good cook. We spent part of New Years Eve at Dan and Sue's house. We had Papa Murphy's pizza. Some of the other in-laws came too, and we had a nice visit. Went home around 10 cuz we got tired. I ended up staying up past midnight anyway, knitting and watching DVD's.

I got some bad news this weekend. The coffee shop, Calypso's, where my Thursday knitting group has been meeting weekly for 10 years, has changed ownership and the new owner has made it clear on her Facebook page that Democrats and Liberals (a group most of us fit in) will not be welcome. She is also bragging about having participated in the January 6, 2021 insurrection. I am completely gobsmacked! 

I avoid talking about politics on this blog because it's none of anyone's damn business but I do have to ask since when does a business bar people with different political leanings from their establishment? This country has gone completely bonkers, and I blame Trump for that. But, I would not bar someone just because they have different political leanings. Insurrection though? A whole nuther ball game. Nope, nope, nope! Anyway, the shop is closed for the next couple of weeks for remodeling, and the name has been changed. We will find a new place to meet when I get back from Mexico. I'm not giving an insurrectionist my money. I might give a call to the FBI instead.

Weather info-we have snow. Lots of it. This is my poor barbecue grill.

I hadn't realized just how much until I went out Saturday to refill my bird feeders and it was up above me knees. It's also been bitterly cold. Yesterday was the first time it got above 20F degrees in several days. I am so looking forward to the trip. I will finally thaw out.

I'm still coughing. Hoping maybe some tropical sun will chase it away? I am so tired of it. Sigh.

So, behave yourself until I get back.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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